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What's in Your Knitting Bag?

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i have a hobby bag, which has everything but the kitchen sink in it. because of ill health ,my bag contains latest knitting wip, small cross stitch wip,reading book, puzzle book, MP3 player, medicine for pain and my favourite patten book. if i have to go into hospital its ready to go.
Since I joined KP I have been totally corrupted. LOL I have 3 shawls, a cowl, a baby snuggle sack, a shrug, a bear and an afghan. This is from someone who prided themselves on finishing one project before she started another. Can't resist a good KAL especially if lace is involved. LOL
I have been working on 5 projects, 2 baby sweaters and 3 afghans.Whenever I see a pattern I get tempted, lol.
Aran sweater at the sleeves now, two sleeves at a time i am working on get it finished soon inch tape and sewing needle @ scissors, pattern in plastic folder vintage but beautiful , good luck to all,
A felted purse to submit to the county fair, a cable scarf, a sock monkey, and a chemo cap. :)
A shawl for a friend's mom who is at hospice. Hope to finish it this weekend.


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My first sweater, it will end up being a double breasted cardigan. Took a while but, will be sewing up sides soon. Then on to another project, looking at my stash, I want to do all, cant decide what to do next. Decisions, decisions, lol
I gave up on knitting bags. They don't hold enough. I have 2 shawls. One is almost ready to block and the other one is ready. Two sweaters and another that has been tucked away, ready to seam. There is a baby blanket half done. And several beading projects to finish. I will probably find more when I empty my closets.
My first wingspan, in sport wt ,pillow to sew up, fingerless mitts, to sew up, and slippers to add buttons to...and the things to do these with.
Here's the completed charity sweater I was working on.


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headlemk said:
Here's the completed charity sweater I was working on.
Great sweater, headlemk! I do blankets and hats for charity, but have never tried a sweater - they just seem to be beyond my capabilities at present. Thank you for what you do for charity. :D :thumbup:
Beautiful sweater! OK, I have two scarves IP and two hats to be sewn up.
I've got dishcloth scrubbies on the go, some triangular shaped bunting, regular dishcloths, and just started some yoga socks. Have patterns pulled for baby hats, baby booties, and baby blankets as 4th grandchild is due early next year.
That was my first top down sweater. Much easier than I thought it would be and NO SEAMS!!!

I will do this again.
valene said:
Well Done headlemk
Thanks, Valene. I'm pretty proud of myself.
Oh my...beautiful sweater!!!

WIP...let's afghan, a toddler skirt, a small teddy bear, an ice cream cone, a ruffled dress, a vest, doggie sweater...and several that will be wip soon enough.....Christmas is closing in too fast......
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