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Which 16" circular needle sizes to buy?

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Hi all, I'm considering investing in 16" circulars. I cannot buy ALL the sizes, and as I'm just beginning to use patterns that require them, which ones are the most commonly used?

Thanks, LdyM
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A set of interchangeable circular 16" might be a good investment for you. If you are going to knit a lot of baby items, then you will probably need smaller needles that you would use with lighter weight yarns. Size 3 or 4 is very handy when using a heavier fingering weight for baby garments. Size 5-6 for Sport weight. Needles from are very affordable. They have great needle tips. You may find that for some projects a wooden needle will work better than metal. Knit Picks stands behind their products without question and has awesome customer service too!
I have also used Kollage Square needles with the firm cable. If you have any problems with your hands, square needles may make knitting much more comfortable. Knitter's Pride also makes them in wood interchangeables and I think metal as well, but their points are not as fine as Kollage.

LOL, some of us are needle stashers too!
raysdtr said:
I prefer using two circulars for my in the round knitting.Instead of spending a lot on two identical circulars I put same size tips on the "working " end of both then a smaller size on the other end.This gives my set of Knit picks a lot of choices,from very small items(including decreases) to very large.
Not all interchangeable needle tips will work with a 16" cord. I have tried it with Knit Picks and Knitter's Pride Redular Cubics. The needles were too long for the 16" cord.
1 - 4 of 47 Posts
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