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Which 16" circular needle sizes to buy?

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Hi all, I'm considering investing in 16" circulars. I cannot buy ALL the sizes, and as I'm just beginning to use patterns that require them, which ones are the most commonly used?

Thanks, LdyM
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Go to your local yarn shop and test drive the various needles and decide if you want wood, acrylic, metal, carbon fiber, or bamboo; round, square or hexagonal shape; lace tip or semi-blunt tip. Yarns don't play nicely with needle materials. That's why we have so many different needles.
I make hats magic loop style, that way I don't have to switch needles for the decreases. What length I use depends on what size hat I'm making.
I am loving my Knitter's Pride 8/55mm Dreamz 16" fixed circular for making hats with worsted weight yarn. The short (3-1/2) needles work great for my "flicking" style knitting.
LdyM said:
This is really helpful! Excellent information and sounds like what I need. I'm going to check it out! (I imagine the wooden has a bit of give..) Thank you.
Wooden needles are better for using slippery yarns, metal needles for less slippery yarns.庐-Collection/dp/B003IE8YE4/ref=sr_1_14?ie=UTF8&qid=1471143365&sr=8-14&keywords=16+inch+circular+needles+set

Just a suggestion. Try looking on Amazon for a set.
They are pretty inexpensive and give you a lot of options for different projects.
I have the Knitters Pride "Short" interchangeable set so from tip to tip it's 16" . Needles are the Dreamz (wood) ones which I prefer & sizes 4-11. Use them for in the round items but finish up with dpns if doing hats.
This was cheaper than buying each needle separate. I did have to buy sizes 2 & 3 for baby hats in sock yarn.
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