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Why I try to support LYS

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Today I went to a yarn shop located in LaGrange Il to purchase a set of needles. I was looking at yarn to use for preemie hats for a NICU. After a conversation with the women who was helping me, they brought out 4 beautiful blankets to add to my donations. I could not believe the generosity of this shop owner. I can't let this go unnoticed in the too often callous world. If you are ever in LaGrange Il, visit this wonderful shop.
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The LYS in New bern NC called Weaver's Webb in closing it's doors in October. I wish I was home there to go shopping. It is very sad that so many of these stores are closing. The owner is retiring. Is the yarn store on the easterns or western side of the state. I am currenly in Indy and would be willing to take a road trip over there for some pretty yarn.
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