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Why I try to support LYS

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Today I went to a yarn shop located in LaGrange Il to purchase a set of needles. I was looking at yarn to use for preemie hats for a NICU. After a conversation with the women who was helping me, they brought out 4 beautiful blankets to add to my donations. I could not believe the generosity of this shop owner. I can't let this go unnoticed in the too often callous world. If you are ever in LaGrange Il, visit this wonderful shop.
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So nice to hear about your LYS & your support of it. I also support my LYS 100% as they are top notch on customer service, I can go there anytime for help, classes galore & oh, the lovely yarn I can see & touch bf I buy. Doing a Kal now, a shawl I probably would not have ever picked out myself but it's turning out to be fun & different & you meet the nicest knitters.
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