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Why I try to support LYS

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Today I went to a yarn shop located in LaGrange Il to purchase a set of needles. I was looking at yarn to use for preemie hats for a NICU. After a conversation with the women who was helping me, they brought out 4 beautiful blankets to add to my donations. I could not believe the generosity of this shop owner. I can't let this go unnoticed in the too often callous world. If you are ever in LaGrange Il, visit this wonderful shop.
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RandyPandy said:
Anyone know a great LYS in North Jersey? I went to the store in Maplewood until it closed last year.

1. Knitapestry - Waldwick, NJ: Friendly and knowledgeable owner and staff. Love this shop.
2. Yarn Diva - Hillsdale, NJ: Crammed full of yarn. Always something good in back on sale. Friendly staff.
3. Close Knit - Midland Park, NJ: Good selection of yarn and needles. They run a bus trip to the NY Sheep & Wool Festival in Rhinebeck.

Let us know if you check out any of these and what you think.
Maggieber said:
The best part of this is that it is not the store I usually go to. I live about 90 min north of there and go to the LYS in my town. They did this for a first timer to their shop.!But I will return. If you live in LaGrange, lucky you. It is just beautiful! Worth the trip just to see the lovely vintage homes and the many wonderful shops and restaurants.
Speaking of the vintage homes in LaGrange, my sister was in business years ago doing designer wallpapering in the Chicago area. She redid a Frank Lloyd Wright home in LaGrange which she designed in the spirit of his architecture. She showed me through the house and I was awed at her work, the house and LaGrange itself.
The LYS in New bern NC called Weaver's Webb in closing it's doors in October. I wish I was home there to go shopping. It is very sad that so many of these stores are closing. The owner is retiring. Is the yarn store on the easterns or western side of the state. I am currenly in Indy and would be willing to take a road trip over there for some pretty yarn.
How sad. We love New Bern and almost made the move. Wish we had. It is so charming.
I visited The Idea Studio yeaterday. For those in the area, the shop is just south of 47th Street on the east side of LaGrange Road and shares a building with Segway.

They have a large selection of brands and weights, from work-horse wools to luxury fibers, and many lovely knitted samples to admire. They also stock buttons and beads, and needlepoint supplies. Roaming about the shop is a small dog who does not see well, so be careful where you step (he was fond of sniffing my shoes).

I paused to help the owner, Chandra, with a lousy case of "yarn barf" which had been dropped off by one of their customers - a cautionary tale of what happens when you work from the inside and the outside of a ball without regard to how your yarn is twisting. Just couldn't let the poor woman slave over it alone. It took about an hour, but we got it worked out.

I mentioned that I'd heard about the shop from a post on KP, they said "yes, we've heard of them", and would like to know who posted (so they can thank you, I guess).

They solicit for charity knitting, accepting yarn, 8" x 8" squares, knit or crochet, to be assembled into blankets, completed blankets, sturdy knitwear for distribution, and of course, monetary contributions. On the second Wednesday evening of the month, all are welcome to craft, or assemble squares. I left with a generous bag of yarn to be turned into squares...that stitch dictionary isn't just sitting there for it's health!

It was a very nice visit, and I'm glad there is a place to find fine yarn that doesn't involve a day trip.

Enjoy your day.
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I'm so happy you enjoyed your visit and so nice of you to help with the yarn. I really enjoyed my visit and the outreach into the community. That to me is the spirit of the LYS and why I will pay the extra to support what they often give back. I liked that they also carry to many buttons, beads, etc. also very helpful carry all price points. Also another good shop for me is the Glen Ellyn Il shop. She carries globally responsible and locally spun and dyed yarn. And of course I love Three Bags Full, the shop closest to me and always fun to visit.
Maggieber said:
Also another good shop for me is the Glen Ellyn Il shop. She carries globally responsible and locally spun and dyed yarn.
Could you please post the address of this shop, as well?

One of my co-workers lives in Bolingbrook/Romeoville, and wants to teach her daughter to crochet. I thought there was a shop in Naperville, but Glen Ellyn might be convenient for her, too, as LaGrange is a bit too far.

Thanks very much. Enjoy your day.
Sure. 477 N. Main Street, Glen Ellyn, Il. It is called String Theory.
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