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will this felt?

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I bought some Manos de Uruguray yarn that is 70% wool and 30% silk at Tuesday morning store, can I use it to make a felted hat?
sorry, went to check and I THOUGHT IT WAS MANOS but it is Coliumo Multy by Araucania...still has the 70/30, has anyone used this? it is a beautiful yarn....
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Silk is going to take a beating during the felting process. It gets very weak when it's wet and has a tendency to break if wet *and* stressed (agitated). It's also likely to lose its color.

You will probably get a very interesting texture.

Unless you know a lot of people with different head sizes you could give the finished hat to. you should sacrifice some yarn for a swatch and felt that, then decide how big to knit the hat.
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