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Winter Wonderland, Rainier, Washington

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I'm brand new and delighted to be here. Although I'm a pretty good Knitter/Spinner there is always a lot more to learn. I'm looking forward to many new friendships. I'm 79 years young with 3 sons and two late in life Grand Kids, a great husband, 3 dogs( all rescues) and 2 cats who wandered in. I'm active in my church and keep busy as the point person for our local animal rescue group. My youngest son is an Astrophysicist who sends me beautiful pictures of Galaxies and other sky objects, that have to most gorgeous colorways. I'm still trying to figure out how I can translate them into useful and interesting knit items: lots of spirals and whirlie gigs.

Fran Morehead


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franmorehead said:

hi Fran and welcome,
lovely afghan; so nice of you to help with animal rescue! and maybe you could share some pics of the galaxy too!

Love your afghan, Fran!

The colors do remind me of the galaxy!

Perhaps you could dye your own yarns to capture the colors in the pictures your son shares with you.

Perhaps if you show a picture or 2 folks here will come up with a creative idea for you to incorporate in your work.

Hi Fran. Bev from Cle Elum.
What a great time you have and lucky to have a son to send you pictures. My suggestion for you is to take your pictures to a person that makes charts for knitting. I did that once for both of my daughters houses to cross stitch. It was easy, although I don't remember what the cost was (it has been some years) it was worth it. And think of what a wonderful afhan you could make with such a design in it! Good luck.
Hi Fran, Welcome to a great site. Would it be possible for either you or your son to post some of these photos to share with the rest of us. There is a computer program that can make charts and patterns. I believe the cost is around $90.00, but I am sure if you post your knitting results you could probably recoup your cost thru selling charts on etsy. I am looking forward to more of your posts. In snowy Wisconsin,[ yes, it is snowing today!!], it is called a good day to hunker down and knit. Tootsie001
Greetings and welcome. Am sorta new and mesmerized by this site! Been to/thru Raineer many time. Its sure nice. See you around. Marlyn
Hi Fran & Santa!
Welcome to the forum!! Lovely afghan! And love the colors!! You are so very sweet to do rescues. ZWe have 5 dogs and 3 cats and are looking into being a home for rescues in our area here in South Carolina. The need is just so great. Really great to meet you!!
Welcome Fran to tis site. only found it a couple weeks ago. Already joined knit along. I lik the colors in the afghan looks like the galazy out there... I would also like to see some pictures.. I also live next door to Mr. and Mrs Santa I bet your huband enjoys that job I know my does.
I like the idea of buying the computer program if you are going to be doing more of the afghans. I am sure you could sell the finished product. I might be interested too. I have often wanted to do something with a chart of our weimereiner Ava on it. Maybe an afghan.

Keep that in mind and let me know what you think.

Hi Fran, There is a product that is called printing fabric you can print the photos of the Galaxies on and incorporate the printed fabric in to your knitting. You can also print your kids pictures on the printing fabric and do a knitted quilt for them.
Welcome I know you will love this site I sure do everyone seems like one big family soooooooooooo nice . Nice afghan for sure I like sky & sea colors
Thanks Jimmie.

I will have to look into that. Is there a website you can direct me to?
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