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woman's Day or Family circle sweater

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I'm searching for an old pattern that was published on Woman's Day or Family Circle, it was ranglan sleeves and the stitch is called mock cable. It is a woman pattern. I lost my copy and I'll be happy to reimburse someone for a copy. please put a picture so I know it is the right one, it was probably published in the 80's
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Hi, do you remember what the front page looks like. I can go on ebay and search for you. I have some old copies that i can look for you.Jeanne
Thanks for your answer, I took the pattern off the magazine and used, but I can't find it, neither I can remember the issue. I keep on looking.
Thank you, it came with a group of other knitted items. I'm trunig my house upside down trying to find it.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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