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Many, many thanks to my swap buddy, dejari, for all the great things she selected for me. A beautiful decorative box (we share a love for boxes) which contained 2 skeins of lavender yarn, some needle protectors and wonderful Yardley soap (no one does lavender like Yardley!)Note cards, note paper, a purple can holder, a bath scrubby, some purple ChaCha yarn and some Paton's Metallic yarn which has fascinated me since I first set eyes on it. I will definitely use it for a scarf but it has to be the right scarf so I am looking at patterns.

It wasn't just the swap package that I so very much was the effort that wen into mailing it that was above and beyond the call of duty. Deb had inadvertently transposed two numbers in my address. That could happen to anyone. The CT post office sent it to Omaha, Omaha sent it back to Deb's post office but instead of that post office sending it back to Deb so she could correct the error they sent it back to the Omaha post office (which part of "No such address" did they not understand?)

After playing volleyball (or was it "Pickle in the middle?) with the package several time it was returned to Deb who had to pay postage on it again because according to the postal manager they had done their job.

Swaps are such fun....most of the time. I think a lot of people might have given up but Deb fulfilled her obligation...TWICE!

We should all be as dedicated, responsible and determined as Deb aka dejari......thanks again, my new friend!


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