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My mother always said that 'good things come to those who wait'. Well once again mother's are correct. The swap buddy I had developed some health issues and was not able to send a package, Maureen stepped in and requested an angel.
What a wonderful angel package I received from Theresa, with in this box of treasures I found a wonderful laceweight yarn in beautiful pins and purples (my fav. colors) a purple scarf made out of the latest twirl yarn. I really loved the scarf as I have tried knitting with this yarn and failed ;). a soft and large beach towel, pens and notepad, chcocolate covered raisins (daughters fav) snacks for 2 furbabies and even treats for our cat, a rubber ducky with flower lei and a wonderful spice scented candle. What a haul, thanks once again to Marueen, Mama Hen and Theresa :)


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