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The answer would depend on which knitting method you use. YO/s are made differently between several of them.

Tell me that and I can answer your question. I'm sitting here swatching many of the below methods......and am confient in my answers......

Chances are that you're an English knitter but perhaps you're a continental knitter.....and there are three variations in continental methods. So:

English (throwing): YO on purl side = don't turn and go in the other direction but: WYRN & CCW

Continental: WYRN CW

Combined continental SAAB

Alternate combined continental __________

Eastern continental WYRN CCW

..............this doesn't mention:
.......and Geek!!

Send me a PM (private message) and we can chat or even on the telly. @@


Donna Rae
PattyAnn said:
How do you yo in p row?

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allisonwatkinson said:
This You-Tube video will show you how to do several different kinds of yarn-overs including the yarn over when purling.
Hope this helps.
YEA! I checked out the video and did it right! Perhaps I'll become a better knitter yet! LOL
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