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Yarnbombing the RV way. This was shared on an RV forum that I belong to.


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Amazing, who have so much time?
Amazing! Lots of talent there. I always wonder what happens to/with yarn after bombing. Know that has been asked before but never saw answer.
particularly love the window box!
well that's one way to use your stash. WOW
omg all that yarn. and the fun of camping all in one .Happy knitting Linda
luv said:
well that's one way to use your stash. WOW
I agree :thumbup:
Love it
I love it!!!
Thanks for sharing :)
Oh my gracious... that's a lot of work...
That brought a smile to my face! Very colourful! :thumbup:
Absolutely fantastic!

So happy and fun and uplifting too.
Looks like something from the 60's! Very fun!
1 - 20 of 34 Posts
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