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Yarnie wiseisms. A day without yarn is like.........etc.

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* A day without yarn is like night.

* She who dies with the most yarn is, nonetheless, not

* The cost of living with yarn hasn't affected its popularity.

* The greatest invention since sliced bread might be:
The center pull skein....?

* Of all the things I've lost besides my mind, I miss my
G hook the most. @@

* How many blonde crafters does it take to screw in a
light bulb? One to hold the light bulb and one to replay
the video.

* How to judge a crafter's character density: Determine
the size of her stash.

* ON EXTINCTION: Save the yarn.

* ON HUMILITY: To err is human, to frog is divine.

* ON PROPHECY: The meek shall inherit the earth;
Crafters will inherit Grammy's stash.

* ON WORLD POLITICS: Diplomacy is the art of
saying "nice doggy" until you can find your size 50
knitting needle.
LOL! Send in some of yours, please. As you can tell, I rewrote these. (:)

Donna Rae
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