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your favorite aunt

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New to the site, old to the knitting addiction! I was recently given 10 skeins of a ribbon-type yarn called "Isis" by Filati & I don't know what to do with it. I thought it would make a stunning wrap or shawl. It is nylon & cotton mako(?), 3.5 stitches/in on size 5.
Anyone have a pattern that would accommodate this?
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if you go on lion brand web site and put all the info and then search a list of patterns will appear or another way is google the name of the company then search for free patterns
Hi Pamela,

A friend in my group is making a prayer shawl with a ribbon type yarn (not sure of the brand) don't know how much she has to work with tho....She is knitting every row.

I have a couple of them and am making a scarf. Am using a size 6 needle (not used to working with the smaller size) so it is slow going. I am just knitting it. Don't think I would want to purl with it. Only work on it when I am wide awake..... :roll:
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