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Joining ends,motifs etc.
In my vocabulary, 'sew' is a forbidden word/activity! But if you must sew, there are several methods, and this site is a good starting point:

My personal favourite method, and the one I used on my two 99-knitted-squares blankets is Priscilla Hewitt's Flat Braid Joining Method.

If you prefer videos: Flat Braid Joining:





And that's from just one videographer! If you search FLAT BRAID JOIN on YouTube, you'll find many more such videos done by others.

Another how to:

NOTE: There's no law dictating that it be used only for joining granny squares. Once you've worked a round of single crochet - odd number on each side - this method can be used on any squares/strips at all, even fabric ones!

Scallop Join:
Simulated Braid Join:

Celtic Lace Join:

Granny Square Joining Tutorial:

Solid Join:

Twin Petal Join:

Double-Applied I-cord:
Great photo of 3-stitch i-cord joining:

For those somewhat more-organized-than-I, there's the Continuous Join Method:

Faster! Flatter! Mattress stitch:

New addition as of 2017-01-29:

For those who can't manage a crochet hook, there's the i-cord join. Page 12 or so in this pdf: , or on this blog:


I-cord join!:

Loop 'n Lace method:

Joining Panels from this pattern:

First Panel Edging: From RS and working in ends of rows along long side of Panel, join A with sc in end of first row; *ch 5, sk next 3 rows, sc in end of next row; rep from * across long side working last sc in end of last row.
Join Next Panel: From RS, arrange long edge of Second Panel next to edging of First Panel. Join A with sc in end of first row of Second Panel; *ch 2, drop lp from hook, insert hook in 3rd ch of corresponding ch-5 sp of First Panel, pick up dropped lp and draw through, ch 2, sk next 3 rows of Second Panel, sc in end of next row; rep from * across to join panels and working last sc in end of last row. Work edging along rem long side of Second Panel, in same way as edging was worked on First Panel. Join rem panels in same way.

Reverse Mattress Stitch:

Join as you go:

In Russian, but video is excellent:

Good info, if not my personal favourite:

Another idea: Crab stitch!

Can't crochet? Three-needle bind off:

Got a bunch of irregularly shaped bits to join together?? Try this:

How to Become an "Expert Knitter" =

How I've been seaming my 1898 Hats: . I wouldn't use it on a long seam, because it's not very elastic - or that could just be that I work it too tightly.

Joining two ends of yarn:
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