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Wool yarn conditioner
Giving y'all a blow by blow description! I washed the blueberry hank, first with shampoo, it didn't feel very soft, so I used Pantene shampoo w/conditioner, rinsed it well until there were no more suds, then rolled it in two towels that were each folded so there were 4 layers of toweling. I have it drying on a dry towel on the sun porch. Wonder of wonders, it already feels softer! I'll move it this evening when the sun goes down. Right now the porch is shady so I don't have to worry about fading.

This yarn is from the Christopher sheep farm in Maine. I think the reason it may not feel soft is because it's not processed with chemicals, etc., like so many of the finer yarns.

Wool is hair; therefore, wash gently (baby shampoo), rinse well, and add a good conditioner that you would use for your own hair.

Some needlepoint wool was donated so I knit it up in striped homeless hats. To say they were scrathy was an understatment. So I made a solution of water and a little conditioner, swished the hats in the solution, rinsed many times, pressed the water out between towels, laid them out to dry for 3 days and they're very soft now.
Last updated: Sep 13, 2011 16:14:04
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