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No side seam knitting
First of all, when you are between sizes always go with the smaller size with a knitted garment. Knitting is very elastic and may even stretch out, so a bit too small will work better than a bit too big. People often make the mistake of planning too much ease into their knitted garments, when they look and work better with a negative ease fit.

You can absolutely eliminate seams in bottom-up garments. I do it as often as I can. It makes the construction go so much faster. Typically you would combine fronts and back and knit to the armhole bindoffs. At that point you would put each part (right front, back, and left front) onto straight needles (or a circ worked back and forth like straights) and finish each part one at a time.

There are just two things to remember: When you combine to eliminate side seaming you will need to cast on 4 less sts around. The number is 4 because there is one extra edge stitch allowed for the seaming-- one on each front side and then two on the back-- one at either side, (4). So visualize losing two sts at each side when you lose the side seams. Place a marker at each side where the seams would have been. If there is any special instruction that would effect the sides of the garment (such as waist shaping) just follow the instructions keeping in mind you have eliminated that seam stitch at each side of each piece.

One more thing: When you get to the armhole bind offs in your instructions, remember you will be binding off 2 less sts at each armhole (for the 2 seam sts you didn't cast on.)

If you can keep those few things in mind, you are home free. And once you are past the armhole bindoffs, just follow the individual instructions for the fronts and back-- no more changes will be needed.
Last updated: Feb 14, 2012 12:00:36
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