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Spong Bar
I asked a KM repair person about the rebuilt sponge bars; he stated to check them often/frequently as they may not last. If they start to come apart inside the machine, the foam breaks down or the glue fails, it will be difficult to remove.
I have never had this problem with my sponge bars and just ordered 2 new ones from leanneco on ebay. Another seller on ebay sells just the foam that you replace in your presser bars frame and offers free shipping.
Does anyone know if there has been a problem with the rebuilt ones breaking down and how long they do last? What is the cost?

I was told by the machine man to always take the sponge out of the machine when I have finished knitting as if it is left in it is in working mode and the foam will mark. I have had my new sponge bar for a year now and have done as he said and there is no imprint of the needles on it.
Last updated: May 1, 2012 13:56:55
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