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Thanks everyone for your lovely comments. Firstly I am not an expert but here is what I do. I only have cymbidium orchids and the Australian native orchids call dendrobiums. If you have other orchids, this may not work.

In hot months when they are not flowering, I just maintain them by watering at the end of the day and making sure the aren't being hit by the strong afternoon sun. Other than that nothing. In autumn I have some that will flower like the one in the photo. It is in desperate need of repotting and dividing so when it has done its flower thing I will somehow prise the pot off it and attack it with a large knife or saw or anything and pull it apart and throw away the spent back bulbs and repot in orchid potting medium. It has to be open and looks like bark, but in nature the leaf litter on the forest floor is what they would grow in. Do not use regular soil as the bulbs will rot. Give each of the new pots a good water then put them somewhere and forget about them, they thrive on reglect really. When the spring flowering ones have done their thing with regards to flowering, If will do the same for them before the heat of summer kicks in. Then that should be enough for a couple of years. If they are protected from the worst of the elements and you don't fuss they will fine and will flower. I think people get scared of them and overdo it. Just relax and let them be. I hope this helps but I have to tell you it probably won't work on the moth orchids and other more delicate types like cattleyas, etc.
Last updated: May 20, 2012 18:41:26
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