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Patterns (Stacked Stitch Cowl)

Funny hat (KP 5 Mar by Cbkyoung)
Felted Mukluks
I guess I will just keep playing with this pattern until someone tells me to stop! lol

Felted Ugg (booties) Slippers
To fit womens size 8-9 shoe size but can made a bit smaller by felting a bit longer in washing machine.
Size 10 US needles
Double rib stitch on page 1 (see correction on page 2)

found this yarn at my local thrift shop and decided to try a pair of socks because the yarn is very fine thread. The Pattern stitch is Cascade Pink and Lacy. Simple Row 1: *S1,K1,PSSO,YO,P2* repeat across
Row 2: *K2,P2* repeat across
Row 3: *K2,P2* repeat across
Last updated: Apr 12, 2017 10:50:43
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