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Sep 11, 2019 17:55:26   #
Over 300 of these rescue dogs were called upon to search through the debris for survivors in the days and weeks after the attack.
Sep 11, 2019 17:51:13   #
This 9/11 Tribute set to the song "Sounds of Silence" is very moving. It is a day to never forget.
Sep 10, 2019 19:54:10   #
Thank you for the funnies,- Chezl,- all are good but my favorite is the last one !.. Cute little boy makes passengers around and himself friendly and relax !..
Sep 10, 2019 18:17:45   #
If you need to cool down, one way would be to go for a swim under the ice, but be careful because this is incredibly dangerous even with safety line.
Sep 9, 2019 21:58:54   #
RookieRetiree wrote:
All I need to do is look at your English writing skills (or lack thereof) and the first part of your posting is quite clearly incorrect. Just an observation.

How many languages do you know,- Just English with a lot of mistakes or some other languages ?.. Just wonder, why are you so angry ?.. Just open the dictionary,- don't be lazy !..
Sep 9, 2019 21:22:19   #
Augustgran wrote:
Look you uneducated hillbilly, those are CHILDREN!
Not random dogs ,cats to be picked up , paid for at a "shelter"
Your lack of empathy for children is appalling!
Hopefully you never had children of your own.
No doubt they grew up in a hateful, fearful environment of anyone different. !
You are disgusting !

You are the one uneducated,- not me !.. You are talking to pick up somebody's children to take care for, while those without protection will give a birth to many more !.. Why shall we care of foreign children to raze and those "prostitutes" will give birth to many more without any shame at all !.. Just think about it and adopt as more as you wish to raze them as your own !..
Sep 7, 2019 21:33:01   #
Thank you very much for the funnies today ! I like them all, but my favorite is the last one :"Dancing with a partner !.." The next one is "Officer, I can Explain !..
Sep 7, 2019 19:30:08   #
RookieRetiree wrote:

Come join in...all you need is an open heart and time.

This organization is not in my town, but we have plenty of mexicans here,- in my town and church !.. So we help them in everything, what they need !..
Sep 7, 2019 18:49:26   #
Fundogknit wrote:
Clearly you are very uneducated. First, it is legal to come to America to seek asylum. Your ignorance is embarrassing.
Also, learn about the dangerous conditions these people are fleeing. They are just victims, not criminals.

I for one am sick of people like you blaming the most vulnerable. Why don’t you all instead think of a solution instead of yelling and blaming immigrants for your pathetic lives.
Stick to knitting shawls
Clearly you are very uneducated. First, it is lega... (show quote)

You are angry for no reason at all !.. How much do you know about politics?.. You need to educate yourself instead of shameful talking without thinking !.. You'll better pick up several kids from the shelter and give them the best life in your house !.. Then we'll talk !.. Why not ?..
Sep 7, 2019 18:11:35   #
Sherryc wrote:
And yet they have it better here than they did in their own country or they wouldn't have made the trip here.

It's not cruel to want someone to go back where they came from and at least try to enter LEGALLY, rather than climbing over or under a wall and becoming a criminal. Parents who put children through the kind of hardships they had to go through to get here should be the ones punished..... by going back where they came from. It is NOT our business to take care of other country's children.

If you want to take a few home with you, let me know how it goes and how long you can take care of them without Uncle Sugar's help.
And yet they have it better here than they did in ... (show quote)

Thank you for saying the truth !.. I did not expected these members "criticizing" me for the truth !.. If they want to pick up those kids to make their life better, than why not to adopt those kids and take care of them ? I am not working anymore and have no pension yet,- so I can't adopt anyone from those cages !.. Life is tough,- isn't it ? But I hope, that these women will pick up as many kids, as they want and be living happily after all !..
Sep 7, 2019 17:34:42   #
A wonderful look at the stars filmed from ancient astronomy petroglyphs and archaloastronomy structures in the Southwest.
Sep 6, 2019 14:28:03   #
Sherryc wrote:
Most of the people coming over here illegally aren't facing a crematorium, so that argument if moot. They are coming over here because they've been told this is the land of milk and honey and Uncle Sugar will take care of them, give them money, housing, food, clothing, etc.

They come over here with nothing and expect everything. Sorry, if they aren't able to work and contribute, they should stay home.

You take a few in and house and feed and clothe them, then see if your story stays the same.
Most of the people coming over here illegally aren... (show quote)

Thank you very much for the truth ,- I am totally agree with your statement !.. I was working all of my life and I don't regret it as I don't depend from anyone's help !
Sep 6, 2019 14:12:07   #
Some very interesting things to see, which I enjoy watching.
Sep 5, 2019 20:18:46   #
RookieRetiree wrote:
It’s amazing the gymnastics their brains go through to ease their consciences that they voted this guy in to enact their agendas.

It is interesting to know, what are you talking about here !.. All of your 'gymnastics' and 'brains' and 'consciences' goes to enact somebody's agendas !?! What do you mean by that ?
Sep 5, 2019 19:19:27   #
Sherryc wrote:
There's an easy way to keep things like that from happening: parents stay home with their children and don't try to bring them over here illegally. It's the parents' fault, not the government. If they stayed in their own country, they could still be together.

Thank you very much for saying the truth,- I can't say better than you !.. None of us was born from 'animals' and our parents took a good care of us !.. For better or worse we survived and now we need to take care of our kids and grand kids ! Isn't it much better than leave your children in cages and hope, than somebody else will raise them much better, than you ?..
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