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Aug 25, 2019 08:41:33   #
Deegle wrote:
All those stitches on the needles at the same time - I'd lose the will to live, lol! I can't cope with lots of stitches, I get fed up, start to yawn and don't enjoy it at all. I knit for pleasure so small cardigans in 5 small pieces each are my choice. You probably don't understand me if you always do top down all in 1 designs! I'm sure you're correct ant this yarn would look beautiful when used in that way. It would be great not to have to seam too but for new its not worth it. Thanks for the recommendation, maybe some day!
All those stitches on the needles at the same time... (show quote)

The small sizes don't have that many stitches! At the moment I am trying to upsize the pattern to fit a 3 year old girl, Maths are not my strong point so hope it will work.

Just for me try a 1st size little coffee bean & see what you think! I only found the pattern about 3 years ago & it is my "Waterwheel"!!
Aug 25, 2019 08:31:06   #
RobbiD wrote:
I hope you are healing well and feel better soon. But, at least the surgeon warned you ahead of time. I had a radical hysterectomy in January 2015. The only thing they told me, during my 4 day post-op hospital stay, was how much pain I was in (I wasn't) and that they needed to keep giving me pain meds because of the terrible pain I was (not) experiencing. Needless to say, they were unhappy that I kept refusing the pain meds. That surgery was followed by a carotid bypass surgery 6 weeks later. The Vascular surgeon made no mention of memory problems following surgery, either. Maybe I can use "anesthesia fatigue" as a reason for marrying my wonderful Hubby the week following the bypass surgery? I needed a keeper! LOL!
I hope you are healing well and feel better soon. ... (show quote)

Good decision to catch a keeper, I have one of them too!
Aug 25, 2019 08:26:35   #
Evie RM wrote:
Definitely keep that sense of humor. It is what gets us through. I have to wait until next Wednesday to get the results of the four biopsies (2 on each breast) that I had done this week. Prayers for a quick recovery for you.

Hope you have good news.
Aug 24, 2019 11:17:24   #
Deegle wrote:
Thank you all very much for your kind comments. I think I'll knit one using a bright blue next.

Another lovely cardi & super matching buttons.
Aug 23, 2019 15:29:51   #
He is lovely
Aug 23, 2019 12:22:47   #
Granny21 wrote:
Been praying for ya. I gotta agree, surgery and anesthesia is best taken with a huge dose of humor! For me it was either laugh or consider homicide. My whole hospital stay has become a source of laughter, thankfully!

I kid you not, I wore tomato soup for days! They forgot to tell me I had to request pain meds after removing the morphine push button (which I only used twice, trying to be tough.) Physical therapy came in and I hadn't had that pump for several hours. I hurt but walked for an hour. DH arrived and I was sitting, in great pain, crying because I couldn't reach the nurse call button for help. He called, they gave me a shot then brought lunch. Tomato soup. Those drugs musta been good because I could NOT find my mouth with the spoon. Fell alseep in the chair, soup all over me. No remembrance of being nurse-handled back to bed.

Woke up starving and hurting. DH called nurses again. They came, cleaned me up, brought pain med in pill form. You guessed it, supper comes, tomato soup. This time I not only spooned it all over my lovely hospital fashion but managed to get it all over the bedding.

Next day I was still on liquid diet. Somehow my schedule remained 1st get clean fashion, 2nd get pain med, 3rd get tomato soup (the only non chuncky soup I really like.) Therefore I wore it like a super-model on a runway as I walked the halls working on my escape.

I'm glad you continue to hold the funny view of all. At least laughing at myself kept me going thru PT etc.
Been praying for ya. I gotta agree, surgery and a... (show quote)

Best wishes to you for a continued good recovery.

What would they have done with me? I don't like tomato soup!!
Aug 23, 2019 12:16:43   #
janallynbob wrote:
Thank you, it was a general, double mastectomy, you should have seen me walking the hallway, I'm wondering around, not lost, no tree (didn't need it), at 4:30 in the morning, I looked like a duck getting ready to take off, and here the nurses come running, what's wrong they say, I'm, well you told me to walk or you would put those stupid boots back on me, I informed them they had no sense of fashion, they were not the least bit fashionable, and the color was "boring", they couldn't wait for me to be discharged, gotta laugh.

Thank you, it was a general, double mastectomy, yo... (show quote)

Yes, I walked around at all hours also, think it upsets the night staff!!
Aug 23, 2019 09:50:41   #

Hope things are getting better for you, I have had 2 surgeries in the last 4 months, a knee replacement & then a lumpectomy (right breast) & now facing chemotherapy & radiation.

My brain / memory have also taken a break so muddling along!

Best wishes to you, I enjoy your posts.
Aug 23, 2019 09:36:36   #
Welcome back, hope health etc all good now.
Aug 21, 2019 12:27:36   #
Another lovely one, Deegle.

Try Little coffee bean pattern free on line, it is top down & perfect for a little cardi as the raglan fronts, sleeves & back are all knit at the same time so no need to match & no waste of yarn!!

Perhaps the next one I see from you might be little coffee bean then you will desert your fav "waterwheel"!!
Aug 11, 2019 16:33:42   #
Welcome to my lovely country.

Cousins of my DH own the land Newgrange tombs are on.

Hope you enjoy your visit
Aug 10, 2019 16:14:48   #
EqLady wrote:
Prayers for you both.

from me too
Aug 10, 2019 15:38:13   #
justanoldgirl wrote:
Another update on my progress. Unfortunately the pathology results are not good and I now need further surgery once they have completed the allergy tests in late August early September. So far I am pencilled in for 5th September for the surgery. I was a bit of a mess for a few days after I found out last Thursday but I am sleeping a bit better now.
It’s when people say pull your self together that makes it hard because they are not in my shoes. Also I when I heard you’ll be ok by well meaning people before the first surgery and everything went haywire with the anaphylaxis that makes me feel like screaming. I wonder if they would like to swap places now. This will be my third surgery since 31st May. I am not a spring chicken anymore so it has taken a toll on my body. I just haven’t got any energy.
Thank you all again for your well wishes and prayers.
Another update on my progress. Unfortunately the... (show quote)

I am 71, had a total knee replacement on 23rd April, on 24th May told I had BC, no symptoms, I had had a routine mammogram - just being sensible!

Lumpectomy om 10th July, I agree the waiting & wondering are far worse than the surgeries. I was in hospital for 7 days had the drain in for 3 weeks, ugh, the relief when that came out! I had physiotherapy yesterday & Dr etc pleased with me. Start chemo on 2th August & radiotherapy also , both can be done at the same time so not much to look forward to for next 6 months.

My husband has been wonderful, nurse, chef, chaffeur & amazing support in every way.

Doctors, nurses all very kind .

No battle going on here just doing what I am told & praying for a positive outcome.

Very best to you & all the other people that are going through this or anything similar.
Aug 6, 2019 17:11:20   #
LisaJB wrote:
I would be TINKerbell.


Tink. Tink. Tink.

Very clever
Aug 5, 2019 09:36:01   #
Another lovely cardi.

Sirdar crofter is a lovely yarn to use but can be expensive.
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