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Jan 29, 2017 15:21:21   #
thanks, all!
Jan 29, 2017 13:30:01   #
and to you, happy new year, spring is on its way for sure!
Jan 29, 2017 13:29:23   #
Welcome from Misssissippi!
Crafts and creativity are so valuable to me, so I am really glad that you are here after not having had the chance to be creative for thirty years. It'd be great to see you progress in these next few weeks; yea! grins, debra
Jan 28, 2017 21:14:32   #
thanks, ladies!
Jan 28, 2017 16:27:15   #
Earlier this month, I went thru my front yarn room {I have a back one too, but it's not accessible at the moment} to organize it some more and clear up some of the mess that has grown in there. I ripped many projects that had been setting, taking up room and yarn, glaring at me. I finished a handful of projects and gave them to whom they were intended. And I unearthed this blue and brown square pictured. I added all the outer rounds of blue, past the brown, and sent it along with some dark blue squares I had done for a group project to a lovely woman in Nevada who will assemble 4"x4" granny squares that have been sent to her from all over the world into a blanket for a coworker who lost her son before the holidays. I know that sometimes we do stuff for other people and it's a nice treat when we receive something for ourselves.

The multicolor granny below that is NOT finished, it's a part of a much larger project that I am working on. It's similar to temperature or mood afghans in theory, but it includes a family component. I did the high and low temp for the day and location of various birthdays for nineteen people. Those people are, starting from the center and moving out, My Husband and his first wife {she died over ten years ago and I represented that with the highs/lows for that day in one round of two strands}, their five children and their spouses and their children. A round of black separates each sibling's family unit from another sibling and their family of creation. White rounds separate parents from children. Maroon rounds separate individuals, siblings amongst the grandchildren. This part is about half finished now.

Then I'll add panels to the top, sides, and bottom. Those will be embroidered or cross stitched with the individuals' names and dates, a family tree of sorts. I call it the Wolfghan, because it's my husband and his descendants {and our last name is Wolf}.

Below that is a granny rectangle throw done in Caron Simply Soft Shadows, plum mist. My cousin's baby girl is graduating high school this spring. It's for her. I'm also doing afghans for my cousin and her husband, and their son, as well as my aunt. I'll send all of them on at one time, when they are finished. I haven't figured out what exactly I will do for everyone, but I am pretty sure I know what yarns I will be using.

Our daughter Donna will be the recipient associated with the peppermint swirl pictured last. I wanted to make something that Donna would really love so I asked her to consider color, item, pattern, design, etc. She picked the peppermint throw, but I want to make it the size of her bed, which is queen. So she decided that she would rather have larger swirls than more swirls, and the yarn in Caron's Simply Soft Autumn Red and Black. In this photo, the red looks oranger than it really is.

So those are some of the projects I have been working on in crochet.

Jan 28, 2017 16:01:52   #
omg, soooo beautiful! love your color combinations

i just started to do tunisian again recently, so pictured are two different projects. the baby blanket on the bottom is in Caron Simply Soft papaya and soft pink. The greens are dark sage and sage, both in Caron Simply Soft. I also recently made two dishcloths using tunisian entrelac, one was in simple stitch like these are in, the other was in stockinette/knit stitch. I'm having fun with tunisian.

Jan 28, 2017 15:54:34   #
Thanks sso very much, Mary, Butterfly1943, Naneast, & Jimmy's Wife.

Most of my finished projects recently have been crochet, cuz I'm a fiber freak of sorts, aren't we all?
Jan 28, 2017 15:49:56   #
I know, right? How could I?!?!
Jan 28, 2017 11:36:19   #
Last night I came across this site and then realized that I have an account here but it'd been three years since I was active on Knitting Paradise; so I just wanted to say, "hey!" and give a very brief re~intro: my name is Debra Wolf and I live with my husband and three lil dogs in Starkville, Mississippi {home to Mississippi State University}. I've crocheted for about forty years, and taught myself to knit about ten years ago. I use lots of similar techniques when I knit as when I crochet, so I hold the yarn tension with my left hand {since I am right handed and crocheted first, holding the hook with my right hand}. I generally knit fast, using a continental combination {with the stitches sitting on the needle either way} style. This year, so far, I've crocheted &/or knitted daily, for several hours. I've two knitting projects ongoing at the moment, and four crochet projects with several more planned. The two knitting projects are pictured. The blue one is the center panel of a gift for a friend, it's Caron's Simply Soft in Pagoda with a strand of Lighthouse Mist {mohair} in the blue colorway. The carrot, gold, claret Red Heart are similar to our wedding colors {we married in the autumn 2009}, it's a soft and squishy throw for another friend. If you are interested in the crochet projects, I do belong to FB and have discussed them there, and will be posting to my blog which is linked in the signature section below. Glad to be back!
Amy's center panel

autumn throw

Jan 28, 2017 01:02:36   #
blue5147 wrote:
I want to crochet a blanket like a Grannie Square but as if you had folded it in half then half again. I hope you can understand what I want.

Sounds like that might be similar to a mitered square.
Nov 26, 2014 12:31:39   #
JSZimmer wrote:
Dkwolfe, knitty-gritties!!!! Thanks for that word! I love it.

imma knit~wit and usually it shows {wink}
Nov 26, 2014 11:36:55   #
JSZimmer wrote:
Any recommendations for a clear explanation of how knitting works?? I am an ok knitter but because I don't get what's really going on I have a very hard time fixing mistakes, especially with easy lace patterns I have used. There is a new book called Principles of Knitting. Has anyone read it? Any comments and suggestions are appreciated.

I have that book and I love it! Principles of Knitting has been around for a long time, however a new edition of it came out fairly recently. However, some folks find it a lil too technical in the explanations. I do like it, cuz that's the way I tend to think, I want the explanations to be highly detailed and I want to understand the theory behind it and I want to know the Knitty~gritties. But sometimes it can be a bit much if you just want to know your answer and know it now. There are other books, of course, but this one fits me perfectly. There are a few others that I really like too, but most folks say that they are too theoretical and not practical {I agree, they are theory driven}. But if you want to look at it, you can, before you buy it!!
Nov 20, 2014 06:41:50   #
wow. i'd've thought that the blow dry option of driving down the road would have appealed more than toweling off!
Nov 20, 2014 06:39:16   #
In January of this year, my husband and I were doing some estate planning, rewrote our wills, consolidated deeds, etc. I also contacted various organ donation organizations who manage the collection and delivery of said organs. I too feel strongly about several topics and one of them is brain disorder/disease research. For every question we answer, we discover that there are more unanswered dilemmas for us to find solutions or research. My own brain is valuable to me while I am using it, but after I die, I'd like it to continue being useful and I will no longer need it. So I've made arrangements for the it to go to Harvard. Some part of me should go there and I doubt very much I'll make attending Harvard a priority whilst alive!

So my brain goes to Harvard, leaving the rest of my body behind. Many schools prefer whole body donation for anatomy classes and teaching tools. However not all of them require this, since there are still valuable lessons to be learned and taught, using a brainless body. So I've made arrangements for my body to go to the University of Mississippi's Medical Center located in Jackson, it's a large research/teaching facility that addresses many conditions.

My body gets to be useful after I'm gone, instead of moldering in a locked vault, taking up space. Each facility disposes of the remains in the way you wish upon completion of their use. I choose cremation, and I will finally be less than a weighty entity!

I do understand why many cannot contemplate these issues, but I think we most fear those things that we don't examine...and we've not been taught ways to do so that are not repulsive and that focus on the benefits rather than the macabre. (spell check just suggested "macrame"). Also many cite religions reasons, feeling that their bodies would be desecrated and they would not be honorable. I feel like if folks truly felt their bodies are temples, then the time to be treating them as such should have been when they were alive and able to do so; instead of treating themselves in unhealthy manners.

As far as organ donation goes, if others can use my organs, great! However, due to medication issues, most of my tissues are not going to be in remarkably good condition to be used as a replacement or improvement over the organs needing to be replaced. So I think my body can best be used to further our knowledge in research, medical or scientific.

That's my opinion regarding myself.

Now, it's a good idea to research this area before making a decision and knowing the steps that need to be taken in what sort of time frame. For instance, here in Mississippi, regardless of my wishes and my signed consent, and my arrangements made prior to my death....upon death, my body becomes the property of my next of kin. In my case, it would be my husband's if he is still alive. Should he proceed me, then my body becomes my son/daughter~in~law's property.

I've spoken with them all at length and have instructed them to the best of my ability. I've given them information such as who to contact when. Speed is vital when dealing with donation of organs, whole body, brain, etc. So please research this area beforehand. You cannot wait til the will is probated or even read, this is a decision that is made within hours if not minutes of death. That is not the time to be trying to figure out who to call and all that.

It is written in my will and I've also spoken with all parties concerned, gotten written materials, etc. specifically saying that donation is my desire so long as this occurs without expense to my estate. This is an important question that you should be asking, if you decide to go this route. Who pays for transport and use?

Please do understand that these are the options and opinions I've chosen for myself and they are not feasible for everyone. You need to do what is right FOR YOU.

By making prearrangements, I've hopefully made things easier for my loved ones to deal with my death and the immediate consequences thereof. It's not for every one, but it might be more of an option for many than what might be apparent at first blush.

thanks for reading, I hope I've given you something to think about. debra

bundyanne07 wrote:
Yesterday the guest speaker at the womens group I attend most Wednesday mornings was a specialist nurse from our Bundaberg Base Hospital and his topic was 'Organ Donation'.
He gave a most interesting talk and the point of the whole morning was to endeavour to get more of us to become organ donors.
My husband and myself feel very strongly about this and when the speaker asked who in the room had signed up to become organ donors only TWO, including myself, put their hands up and this was in a room of about eighty ladies!!
I personally found this quite staggering as so many lives can be saved - up to ten was the number he quoted - from one donor.
Our daughter knows about what we have chosen to do and we carry our donor cards with us all the time.
Another unbelievable statistic he quoted was, in the state of Queensland, 4,560,059 population, figure from the internet, there were only 38 donor donations last year!!! Nowhere near enough.
How do other KP members feel about this?
I hope I have not upset any member by putting this post onto the site.
Yesterday the guest speaker at the womens group I ... (show quote)
Sep 25, 2014 11:49:16   #
So, I do this all the time and more so the older I get. snicker, grins, debra

cathy47 wrote:
Hay anyone noticed that these days people just cannot start telling about something without starting off with "So" or "And So" What happened to the rest of the's like picking up in the middle.

Another is, and I'm not sure how to spell this, "Ah" there is empty space in ones head and ya got stupid to what you were saying. Politicians were good for that one. Always gave me the feeling they are telling lies they will never remember. Now a days they start to speak I turn off the sound..

Anyother grips about the same ol same ol... Or am I just getting old and grouchy.. if so I take the job as the Grench this Christmas..
Hay anyone noticed that these days people just can... (show quote)
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