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Oct 15, 2016 01:47:54   #
Love the lining too. Such a surprise when opened.💐💐💐
Oct 10, 2016 19:42:03   #
You do such beautiful work and picked the cutest patterns. I just want to hug the bunch they look so soft.
Oct 5, 2016 22:37:16   #
QUESTION: If the house is allowed to be sold, where will the boys live? And who is going to protect the boys money?
Mom says they give her the cash and they have a bed. For how long? Bet they will dump both boys as soon as they get the money.

Kids dad needs to set up bank account for each boy and have their money go direct deposit at the sale of the house. Then the money will at least start off safe. Good luck.
Oct 5, 2016 22:23:27   #
I remember you!!! Welcome back. Your outfit is wonderful.
Oct 5, 2016 21:21:48   #
Texas AM cost the same as a private vet. I chose him. Close to home for the 3-4 visits. I think the colleges should give us a break as our taxes help support them. The people in reception were rude because I was frustrated after being told I get a discount. With the discount, it cost as much as private. I understood they were tired of angry people complaining, but come on, we need help back.

Pets are very expensive if you have to see a vet. I get shots at a traveling vet. Pay for shots but no vet charge. My vet charges $40 plus shot each animal. 3 dogs, 2 cats, 5 x $40 is $200 just for the vet charge. I don't get all the shots the vet wants either. He wanted a shot and when I asked how many cases he saw, none in all his clients in 3-4 years. No outbreak, so I pass. Just use common sense, and ask questions!

If you can google problems and see what is recommended. If it won't hurt your dog/cat, give it a try. Imodium works for them, tums too. Use small child doses. No aspirin!!! Benadryl, child liquid or pills are good, neosporin, and hydrocoridsone too (spell ck didn't correct, but not sure on spelling).

Often you can self treat your pet. But, fever, broken bone ( or suspected) bleeding, see the vet. Also, if your pet gets worse time to go to the vet. But, you can treat lots of small things. After all, we treat ourselves!
Oct 3, 2016 23:43:23   #
You said you didn't want to get beaten up, think it's just honest opinions I've seen. So another question.
How long can your dog go without surgery? Start saving up the 1/2 down. Do the garage sale if you can.

On the other hand. Don't worry about begging. People get bombarded by, ASPCA, Salvation Army, All the cancer associations, St. Jude's, save the trees, birds, polar bears, earthquakes, hurricanes, everything! People decide to donate or not. Maybe they would like to help your dog instead of a snail some where.

Put your need out and start saving money. What else can you do? If you think of it, Add that and do it too.
Good Luck. Let us know.
Oct 3, 2016 20:34:00   #
Go for it... Post pictures of your doggie. Tell the story of how this dog has been your family, personality, sweetness and any cute story. Then the surgery she needs and how she got hurt. Next, tell that the doctor is willing you to make payments but it's the down payment you need help with. You don't want it all, just the down payment. People will see you need help (down payment) but you will paying the rest (so you don't expect others to pay your way.) and in the end, it is your pup who really needs the help. Good luck!!
Oct 3, 2016 20:23:53   #
Trigger finger. I had that, got a cordisone shot and hurt like the devil! Over 30 years ago, never came back. Does for some people and a shot several years apart needed. But if it gets worse and you do not get help, your finger (s) can freeze that way and you can loose the use of your finger(s). Anyone else have this problem and doing better now ?
Sep 30, 2016 21:41:46   #
So simple and so perfect. Great job. I also had the same problem and frustrated my way through it.
Now, I'll use your trick as needed. Thanks. 😊😊😊
Sep 30, 2016 11:35:54   #
thanks for all you've said. We need to be reminded. And remember to be kind to each other.
Sep 29, 2016 00:01:34   #
Where are you? It doesn't say. We have an Armadillo living under our house. It roots for bugs and messes up the yard and gardens. I called the wildlife service, they didn't come. Said it was good luck to have an Armadillo living under your house. I guess so, it's not a bear anyway. We do have poisonous snakes though in South Texas, they have visited. Sorry to say we have killed them. Lots of little kids around. The Coral Snake was only about 15" long, but deadly. The Armadillo is looking pretty good now!

I put sunflower seeds out for the squirrels and birds as well as keep water out too. They were here first. I feed them in the front yard as dogs are in and out in the back yard. We have a bunny in the back yard. I ring the bells as a warning when the dogs are about to go out. They haven't gotten him yet. Trying to give him a head start under the fence with the bells.

Glad you are being careful with the bear.
Sep 28, 2016 23:35:38   #
TAKING YOUR CAT TO THE VET... We also have a feral kitty, 14 years now. In the house full time as a Tom ( now fixed) lives in the garage and twice her size. He hurt her once so in the house she stays. He gets locked in the garage at nite. Want to avoid vet bills for all.

Trip to vet. Get your carrier out. Get good (canned or cooked) goodies she can't resist. Put her in the room with food near carrier at regular meal time. Give her 30 minutes-- WAIT WITH HER. Take up food. She needs water and cat box near. Next feeding time try again with fresh food. Leave her in the room (we used our bedroom where she normally hangs out anyway) and repeat. She will get hungry and will eat. Make sure it's food she likes. Once she starts eating, move dish to the door but still outside crate. Then put it half way in the crate. And then further. Stay near as she eats. When she goes in all the way to eat stay close. The morning, of the appointment, put a film of food, for smell in the dish. When she goes in, be quick to close and lock the door. You must be right there, she can turn and bolt fast.

If you have limited time. Give her a tiny spoon (baby spoon) of food and feed her 4-5 times a day. She can eat after surgery schedule says. She will still love you. I did this with mine before she would even let me pet her. She was ok with me feeding her so trusted me. Off to vets. They pushed a blanket in the door and forced her in the corner and gave her a shot through the wire in her rear. Then she was half out so they could do IV and all. If possible (time wise) let her eat in the crate a couple of times before you close the door. She can't eat before surgery so smear of food is mostly smell. 😊 Good luck.
Sep 28, 2016 22:34:11   #
You will feel better knowing you have a great new source of friends on this site. Not just for needle work, but concern, sympathy and some advise too. I always feel better with the jokes, family stories and beautiful work. Just take in what makes you feel good and have a blessed day. Janice
Sep 24, 2016 20:34:57   #
Welcome aboard! Look forward to your comments!
Sep 24, 2016 20:33:53   #
Welcome from Texas. Jump right in.
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