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Posts for: Augustgran
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Oct 14, 2019 20:34:34   #
Trump is too stupid to realize , that him going after Hunter Biden and Hunter stepping down that now a base of conduct has been set.
Ivanka, Don jr, Eric and Jared are all fair game to be investigated.
Let's start with the "adoption " meeting in t rump tower in 2016!
Oct 14, 2019 19:04:21   #
Susie2016 wrote:
Just so you know, it doesn't bother us "Bible thumpers" when we are mocked or persecuted. Chistians have always been persecuted. And it is getting worse---there is a significant anti-Christian movement in the United States and other parts of the world. But this is all prophesied in the Bible. And Jesus spoke of it. It is all part of what will continue to happen until the end of the world.

What "Bible thumpers" feel when you mock us is pity.......for you.

Just so you know, it doesn't bother us "Bible... (show quote)

I am also Christian but you don't see me screeching bible passages, or condemning others for their beliefs.

Here is another look up revelations and have a good read.

Oct 14, 2019 18:15:08   #
Sherryc wrote:
You don't seem to understand that you can serve your country without going to war. Obama could have joined and served his country when he reached the age of 18 (he didn't have to be drafted at that time) but he preferred to dodge service to his country rather than do the manly, patriotic thing and serve as he should have.

You are trying to back pedal and it is not working! LOL
You know damn well the use of the term "dodge service" and "draft dodger" are interchangeable for the Vietnam war.
You used the term about Obama , that he dodged service or in other word was a draft dodger.
I am a lot younger than you and I know that.

Well you got caught in your own imbecilic spin. OBAMA was a preteen !

Trump is a draft dodger, so was Clinton and Bush!
BYE THE WAY IF your daughters served why did she have to go on welfare?
Wasn't there special programs a vet could access?
You know the benefits Uncle Sugar gives out?
Oct 14, 2019 18:00:12   #
Beachgirl1000 wrote:
Yes, unfortunately, because the Kurds lost many of their young men, as well as civilians, fighting ISIS. Do you want ISIS to become a stronger and more frightening presence on the world stage? They are all about terrorism, in Europe as well as the US, so without US forces in the area, the Kurds must defend themselves instead of fighting ISIS. But if you don't worry about more terrorist attacks, or don't care about the fact that the Kurds suffered heavy losses defending our vital interests, just keep your head in the sand and your sense of decency suppressed.
Read the articles in the links below. You might learn something.

"The Kurds formed the backbone of the counter-ISIS ground force, backed by the U.S.-led air war, that has retaken virtually all the land seized by Islamic State fighters since 2014. The Kurds have lost 11,000 troops in the fighting and have seen another 20,000 wounded. Their bloodshed and support has led to a kinship understood by many U.S. troops who view the U.S. withdrawal of support as a betrayal of a dedicated ally, the official said."
Yes, unfortunately, because the Kurds lost many of... (show quote)

Trying to "talk" with hilltopper is like teaching a pig to sing.
You will just frustrate yourself and annoy the pig.
Although I don't believe hilltopper has enough brain power to even be annoyed.
She just "swoops and poops" as another kp member put it.
Oct 14, 2019 17:42:08   #
Parrot is at it AGAIN!

Oct 14, 2019 17:38:22   #
Susie2016 wrote:
The reason they got "nasty" with you was because you basically spit in their face with your irreverent, spiteful behavior. In the end, on your Judgement Day, you will remember everything evangelicals every tried to teach you. But, sadly, it will be too late for you.


Here you go susie just for you bible thumpers

Oct 14, 2019 14:15:22   #
knittingthyme wrote:
The Attic belongs to everyone!

Go back to PWF where you belong!

Hey dummy, she told me to leave the attic.
GOOD GRIEF ! Again you cannot follow or comprehend the string of posts and replies !
Oct 14, 2019 10:44:52   #
Oct 14, 2019 10:42:52   #
Saw this, I think it is quite appropriate.

Oct 14, 2019 10:41:21   #
ade wrote:
Did a single one of them walk out of protest in any way?

No it was kept secret, until someone obtained a copy and sent it to the NYT.
Notice the orange blob has not said anything ???
To say nothing means you agree. (Meaning trump)
Oct 14, 2019 09:36:11   #
trout23 wrote:
Hey augusttranny and brattyfatty. You have your own topic - on which you have most of us blocked from posting on. Keep your filthy vile comments in your own house.

Your ignorance and hateful personalities are showing.

Hey trenchmouth trout ?

This is the ATTIC, go back to the slumarium where you belong!
As for ignoring ? Anyone can ignore anyone else.
Don't like it? Start your own topic before your trailer floor falls through.
Oct 14, 2019 04:41:26   #
Montana Gramma wrote:
You have to file taxes in the country you earn money and pay the country you reside in taxes on foreign income too, if it meets the limit.
Once a Canadian always a Canadian , dual citizenship doesn't have a lot of rules, cause you carry a passport of country choice.

I understand all of that, but he obviously will have a bias towards the USA in any negotiations on behalf of Canada,
Also what you have written does not explain his registering with the armed services in the USA.
If he is so "Canadian" why didn't he apply to the Canadian armed forces?
He may have been born here with dual citizenship , but his loyalties are abundantly clear.
It also explains the tremendous pressure he put on Trudunce to accept the new deal. (That sucks for Canadians )
Oct 14, 2019 04:34:38   #
trout23 wrote:
Hey augusttranny and brattyfatty. You have your own topic - on which you have most of us blocked from posting on. Keep your filthy vile comments in your own house.

Your ignorance and hateful personalities are showing.

What is that stench? Oh it is trenchnouth trout spouting off!
Fix your trailer floor yet ?
400 lbs in one spot (your chair) will sag the floor and you will fall through!
Did you get one of those hygiene brushes for your humongous ass?
At 400 lbs and 5 foot 3 inches you obviously cannot possibly wipe your arse like normal people!

Oct 14, 2019 04:29:10   #
Don jr, sarah lying sanders were there to speak.
To raise $ for pervert donnie.
Tell me his party is not inciting violence! !
This is no joke!!
Oct 13, 2019 18:32:40   #
Jae wrote:
We all have opinions, but it is not up to anyone to pass judgement, and this for all parties. Judgement is the Lord's job when the time comes, and yes everyone it will come for each of us. Think about that. And unless you personally know our
Commander in Chief, the President of all the people, then we should agree to disagree. Name calling is should not come in the play.

Just for you WWJD?

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