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Dec 15, 2013 12:05:05   #
welcome from starkville, mississippi! my husband's youngest son and his wife and their three month old baby girl live in jacksonville, right now {before that, they lived in miami, he's career coast guard}. his wife is from the tampa/st pete area. so i get to see a portion of your sunny state on a fairly regular basis. sweet! welcome, grins, debra
Dec 15, 2013 11:57:27   #
wow, "edwardian veronica", i love your explanation and picture! it was wonderful to see what results from the process you explained. welcome, from mississippi, usa! wolfish grins, debra wolf
Dec 11, 2013 13:11:28   #
I agree with your assessment and analogy! And this is the time of year that many families are gathering, with individual members having mixed feelings of joy and dread at seeing everyone. This year, all five of my husband's adult children are going to be here for our christmas; we all know that there may be drama, but none of us see it clearly enough to realize that we each ourselves have a claim in it. We all are going in with heightened emotions and worries and built up giddiness and so when something does occur, we tend to react disproportionately so.

So this year, I've been tidying up and readying the house for a large family. As I do so, I am thinking of how perhaps if I don't react impulsively with hurt or anger or scold, then I might be able to defuse the situations from being potentially explosive. It doesn't entirely rest with me, but neither am I completely absolved.

This gathering has the potential to be the best christmas ever. We have new family members, babies, children, dogs, more mature adult children, new jobs, new houses, lots of good things. SO this is going to be a good gathering and I am remaining calm, centered, and curious.

Thanks for reading my affirmations. I wanted to put them into words to make them more concrete and this seemed like an appropriate post to put them! I hope everyone's holidays are wonderful, whether you are traveling or staying home, whether you are looking forward to christmas or the new year, whether your family is large or small, may your holidays bring your joy and peace.

grins, debra
Dec 8, 2013 10:14:05   #
Moxie McGlitter

{"i got moxie!"}

i like it!

Nov 28, 2013 17:56:17   #
I've been sharing your heartfelt comments with my husband and he's tickled pink. It's nice to be appreciated! He's a wonderful man, and it's great when others note that too.

Hope every one is having as good of a day as possible. Here is the USA, it is Thanksgiving, and we are full of it...turkey, I mean. So we're all feeling the tryptophan lull. He's watching the annual Egg Bowl, a football {American} game between two colleges~~Mississippi State {where he works} and Ole Miss {about two hours north east of us, in a lil town called Oxford, Mississippi}. The game is televised, so we get to watch it from the comfort of our own living room.

I'm busy knitting up some yarn into a wide scarf. It doesn't really resemble the Dr Who scarf all that much, but it is an excellent way to use up all those odd lengths of yarn that are left from other projects. So, happy knitting to all of you!
Nov 27, 2013 16:27:27   #
thank you, for your lovely comments!

my husband has five adult children, and they all will be coming home for christmas this year! it's usually hard to coordinate everyone schedule, so the last time all five were together was five years ago, when we met. the time before that was another three years, at their mother's funeral. so it's rare to get everyone together, and we are extra thrilled to do so this year!

now, if only i can get the house organized so we have room to put everyone...grins, debra {and yep, that's me perched on his lap, four years ago}
Nov 27, 2013 16:02:55   #
The pic I've chosen for my avatar is several years old, but suitable for now. My husband plays Santa for a local community outreach group that works with small children, from poorer families. He's done this for five years. I usually take the pix and these are often the only pictures the families will have of their lil ones all dressed up with Santa.

He's a good Santa. He realizes that to some kids, he's scary. All year long, moms and dads tell their kids not to talk to strangers and do NOT accept candy from them. So the first year he was Santa for this non~profit, we had to ask if we could just let the parent give the candy~cane to the child. If a child is crying, we usually tell them that it's ok, mom, why don't you get in the picture too? Most of these are single moms, tho now many families of two working parents still qualify for some of the services.

AND this year, we've taken on a new project...

Our local public library is hosting a stuffed toy slumber party on Wed 4 Dec. All the lil children are invited to drop their special favoritest stuffed toys off with the children's librarian, along with a few notes. Each child must meet with the librarian so that she can go over their list of special nighttime routines for their stuffed animals. And the child must make sure that the toy has the DEAR SANTA LETTER list of what the child wants for Christmas. Then they leave their stuffed toy there for the night...for a slumber party.

Stuffed Animal/Toy ONLY Slumber Party {no children allowed}

Then after the local public library officially closes, my husbandand I will sneak in and he will change into SANTA. He will listen intently while each animal sits on his knee {or in some cases, his shoulder, to better reach his ear} and tells him what their child wants for Christmas. There will be a picture to show the child the next day, or even better, a picture the parent can show the child on their facebook account of Santa and their animal. While one person takes those pix, with Santa and the toys; other employees will arrange the other animals doing other things, like helping to shelve books, checking books in, using the computers, reading books, etc. Those pix will also be posted online. THEN Santa will read a story {that my husband actually wrote} featuring a stuffed bear {I'm crocheting him as we speak} to all the stuffed animals {this will be recorded and posted online as well, video link made avail}.

December fifth, the kids get to reclaim their toys, who have been Santa~tized. HOW AWESOME IS THAT?!? sigh, that man of mine, I love him so.
Oct 27, 2013 23:11:44   #
dude! that's awesome! whatta great idea! kudos to you, debra

deemail wrote:
Like dkwolf, I knit everywhere I go so it's hard to think of a 'strange' place. There is always a knitting pkg in my bag, my project PLUS one or two little squares on thrift store ndls [that I buy every time I see them]. The squares are for the 6 yr olds or the 60 yr olds who say, 'knitting? I always wanted to learn to do that...." so I take out a square, show them a knit st and hand it to them.... if it is already started, they will usually try....and if there is a mistake i leave it, knit another row before putting it away, and then the next person who asks can see there is a mistake and no one died....and they will try.... have had some so excited and successful that I just give them the square, the needles (hence the thrift store supplies) and the small ball of yarn....others just make a row or two and are happy to hand it back... I have 2 just in case there are 2 children there.... I was BORN a grandma!
Like dkwolf, I knit everywhere I go so it's hard t... (show quote)
Oct 27, 2013 16:08:00   #
I was just sitting here thinking about this question and haven't really anywhere unusual. I've knit in the car, in waiting rooms at doctors' offices and in hopsitals, in restaurants/cafes/diners, while visiting, on the front porch, in bookstores, at football games...but none of those are unusual places really. I did at one point, take a project I was finishing on a deadline along with me and worked on it while I was in a support group last year. I paid attention to the group and the person speaking and didn't ignore anyone, so no one minded me having that there to do. I did knit a child's hat one evening when we were at a bonfire/party, cuz he asked me to and we had the time and I figured "why not?". I don't usually knit if it is going to bother others. So when I am visiting with someone, I'll ask just to make sure, so they don't feel like I am not respectful. Some folks have a vague feeling but it isn't til later that they might realize they didn't like something some one did, so if they are pointedly asked right up front, they might not mind whereas if they aren't given the option, they might actually mind but not realize until later. So nope, can't think of anywhere very unusual at
Oct 27, 2013 11:52:18   #
I'm 42, will be 43 in a few weeks. While it's true that I do see fewer younger women than older women wearing shawls, for a variety of reasons; it is also true that I do know many younger women who do wear them. Most of these women are those who are creative, who appreciate fibers and hand~crafted items, and who would rather add a lil something to their shoulders than turn up the heat.

I don't wear shawls much, as I tend to throw off lots of heat and don't generally need the extra layer my husband does here at home. My mom has several shawls that she wears, each in a slightly different weight or pattern. So when she is not active and does need a lil something, she has a few choices for just the perfect one!

I've made shawls and sometimes choose to make wide rectangular wraps rather than the triangular shawls. This is mostly because some folks I know use the wraps to curl up with, covering their legs or feet, while watching tv. Also, some folks get fussy about having the point of the triangle centered just so; that's a non~issue with a rectangular wrap.

Once I get past the hot flashes, I think I'll probably appreciate shawls more so for myself. But for now, shawls are not very practical for me, given the activity and my body's temperature. So yes, when I'm older, I'll probably wear them too!

grins, debra
Oct 24, 2013 20:28:28   #
The last couple baby blankets I made were for a lil girl...the mother had decided to do the baby's room in coral and grey with white accents. So I made both blankets using those colors. Caron's persimmon was a good match.

So perhaps the parents have colors picked out for the baby's room?

Also, I picked up lots of babies' clothes on consignment, boys and girls. There were lots of tan, khaki, dark brown, all shades of green, all shades of yellow, along with the primary blues and reds for both sexes. Are the parents cool with a variety of colors or are they very traditional?

I have some awesome shades of purples, and I'm not a purple person. But these are softer yarns that would be suitable for babies. So, you might want to take a gander at baby items in general to get some ideas...?
Oct 15, 2013 06:49:59   #
if you like your hair, then keep it that way. earlier this year, i did cut my hair from shoulder length to pixiesh; i did get lots of comments, and it did make me look even younger. but that was me.

if you like it, that's what matters. i've had very long hair, and it was a hassle to take care of; for me. but some folks, they like that sort of routine they develop.

since you did ask for opinions tho, i think maybe a trim would be a good idea. the last time i had long hair, i wore it with a side part, more so than a center part. my face looked better and it wasn't quite as fussy as a center part.
Oct 15, 2013 06:32:19   #
last year, for christmas, my stepdaughter made tons of coasters in cotton, using granny squares. then she bundled sets together to give folks. she's been crocheting for a long time, but i like the idea for a beginner too. since she is very active with her church, her kids' schools, and other groups, she made sure that she had extras to give to folks who she might have left off her initial list thru oversight. small granny squares that are not too many rounds are good for beginners for several reasons, you don't get bored, if you do make a mistake, you can rip it and redo, and you are still finishing a project. with all the different cottons out there, you can try different colors, etc. she also did dishcloths too.

also, some one the otehr day posted lil ornaments, these might be good to try. when i first started learning, i wish i would have started with scarves or something smaller than afghans! but that's what my mom and grandmom made, so that's what i wanted to do too!!
Oct 15, 2013 06:18:58   #
when i first read your initial post, i thought about dress up accessories {she could use those for awhile, none have to be fitted too closely, since she is growing}. for instance, a boa {or really full twisted scarf}, a few hats {cloch, slouchy, snood, etc}, "opera" gloves {very long wristlets with out worrying about fingers and all}. when i was a child, i didn't dress up; but i loved to do stuff in the kitchen, so my mom made me my own apron. a half apron is fast to make, as you are only doing from the waist down; make it wide enough, she can continue to use it over the years. and she could even use it as a cape, cuz even girly girls have super powers!
Oct 11, 2013 14:19:20   #
Today is "I love Yarn" Day and I'm so excited cuz I just realized that there is a really good chance that my swap partner will receive her package from me today. I'm appreciating my yarn, all sorts of it, and some tea, while relaxing today. I hope you all are enjoying your "i love yarn" day today too!! grins, Debra
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