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Apr 10, 2013 12:56:48   #
Thanks for that - I'm not going to dive into single motif stuff straight away. I can sort of fudge it by doing a 24 stitch wide panel and then grafting plain panels either side. I doubt I'm going to be doing a lot of jumpers - I'm more of a scarves and bags kinda girl, so getting round it with patchwork is probably going to work fine for me. If I get really into it I'd probably buy my own machine with all the bits and bobs. I've got this one on semi-permanent loan. :)
Apr 10, 2013 12:47:52   #
skateskris wrote:
Hi and welcome from me too, not strictly an essex girl but born a londoner but have lived here in Essex for more nearly 50 years tha makes me more essex I guess !!

I've moved around a bit myself. Grew up in Devon, lived in Sussex for about 15 years or so. Been in Essex for a few years now, but my family are originally from round here. So I've come full circle really.
Apr 10, 2013 08:30:09   #
I already did that about a week ago. No reply. She must be on holiday or something.

I had a question for you good people. Seeing as my single motif bits and bobs are missing, presumably you can sort of manually do Fair Isle by pushing the needles into the correct positions by hand. Following the chart won't be a problem - I'm a hand knitter... I just need to work out how to tell the machine the "binary" of each row.

know that A (right to the back) means that it won't knit at all, and B seems to be knitting the main colour. If I push the needles I want to be the contrast colour to C, will that work, or do I need to push them right out, or do something to the carriage too?

/edit I've done a bit of research and thinking. Do you have to knit the MC with the CC needles on hold, then return the carriage without knitting any, then make the CC needles knittable and the MC on hold, and do the row again with the CC?
Apr 10, 2013 07:32:28   #
Yep, Nantwich would be about 3 hours' drive... More like 200 miles than 30.

Laindon is very near - I had a look at the Guild site but it doesn't actually say where the clubs are exactly.

I took the sponge bar out. A bit dirty but still spongy. I had to look at my shiny new PDF manual to work out how to get it back in also.

I now have the manual, which helps a lot. I seem to be missing various bits, including the single motif cam and bits, which is a shame.

Had a go at decreasing last night. I think it certainly does help being a hand knitter as you know how things should look. I do like just being able to move 3 stitches in a bit with my handy "3 stitches widget". :D

I gave up when I got to "put the needles in the holding position and ensure your carriage is properly set" and read the manual again. I think I've sussed it now...

/edit The Laindon club is weekday afternoons, which is no good for me at present but maybe in the future. There's apparently one in Rayleigh on some Thursday nights but again, it doesn't say where exactly. There's definitely a monthly one in Grays which is do-able so I shall get my hand held and perhaps find someone who can help me get hold of my missing single motif bits and bobs... and a punch. :D
Apr 9, 2013 12:55:50   #
OK, I'll have a look when I get home. How "mushy" is "mushy"?
Apr 9, 2013 11:44:33   #
Erm... where is it, and how do I get it out?

I hope that manual arrives soon...
Apr 9, 2013 10:35:03   #
Ha ha yes... Air's quite mellow, as coasters go, and an old friend so I know all its twists and turns, and the camera is just by a lift hill so there was plenty of time for me to get knitting out of my pocket, do a few stitches for the camera and shove it back in my pocket again. Don't try this at home etc. etc.

Hello Aud - I had a look at the amount of people registered on here and I think probably every knitter in the world is here already apart from me. :)
Apr 9, 2013 10:03:14   #
Hello everyone. I'm a voracious hand knitter who has just got her hands on a Knitmaster 323. I've had basic training and can now manage a square of Fair Isle which I am most proud of.

I've now got to the point where I am wondering why the stitches don't always want to stay on the little hooks, and what all the knobs are for, and how you increase and decrease, and if there is a less fiddly way of doing certain things, and what yarn I can get away with using, and if I need to fix anything, and... and... and... Sometimes when things don't work right, I play with the buttons, and it starts working properly. The manual is in the post. :) I have a book of patterns that just slightly younger than I am (1970's). Some of the patterns are what I would call "classic", and some photos are of children trying to look happy in balaclavas that would make Stitchy McYarnpants proud.

I'm also keen to start punching myself. That sounds wrong... punching my own punch cards. :)
Apr 9, 2013 09:52:22   #
Hello everyone - have joined this forum on the recommendation of someone that I have been picking the brains of about machine knitting.

I've gone from hero to zero very fast - I know hand knitting like the back of my... well, my hand. I've just got a knitting machine and it is a TOTALLY different ball game. So yes, if it involves sticks, ask me. If it involves little latch hooks, I will be asking you.

Verdstela means "green star" in Esperanto. I speak Esperanto. My other hobbies are too numerous to list, but may well come out in conversation.

The avatar is me knitting a scarf on a rollercoaster called Air. I like rollercoasters too. Don't try that though. I'm amazed they let me get away with it myself. I only did a couple of stitches for the camera. I was holding on tight the rest of the time. :)
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