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Aug 29, 2019 00:50:29   #
Thank you very much to all of you for the good comments about these 'Honey Bee Combs' in your situations !.. I know, that if one of bees will bite you, then others will bite you and you will suffer with horrible pain !.. That's why it is better to ask for help those 'professionals', just for your safety !..
Aug 28, 2019 10:23:38   #
An amazing honeybee hive built behind the brick wall of a house in Germantown, Tennessee, that was rescued and relocated.
Aug 27, 2019 11:14:34   #
Thank you to "GrandmaJJ" and "Colliehat" for these questions, but there are no answers to them !.. Maybe something unusual have happened to their moms at that time !?! I was a mom before, but now my son is adult and he lives by himself now ! So I take care only of my dog and me ! Happy days to everyone of us in our favorite craft !..
Aug 27, 2019 10:17:27   #
See a cool mineral that glows like a lava rock, when you shine an ultraviolet light on it.
Aug 27, 2019 10:12:46   #
Thank you to everybody for looking and commenting about it !.. I don't know how I would react, being in those situation !.. Life is unpredictable and most of us were in similar or worse situations ! But we learn to be 'smart' and 'think quick' without panic to help those in need of saving !.. My very best wishes to everyone of you !..
Aug 26, 2019 23:19:47   #
Spending time worrying about the future is a distraction from the present that all too often gets in the way of enjoying life.
Aug 26, 2019 23:09:35   #
Security Cameras capture some of the scariest moments you'll ever see, that will leave you amazed and thankful the people survived.
Aug 24, 2019 12:02:23   #
Thank you for looking and commenting to everyone of you ! And no matter, what the future days throws at us,- we shall survive,- that's good !..
Aug 24, 2019 10:43:47   #
100 photos that were taken at just the right moment to create an interesting picture.
Aug 22, 2019 18:09:35   #
Thank you very much for looking and commenting about these dogs to "no1girl" and "okruger" !.. I like all kind of animals, but dogs are my favorite always !.. I would be lost without a dog !..
Aug 22, 2019 18:02:34   #
Fundogknit wrote:
Sully is insulted, he ain’t no Sally.

Did you noticed, that "Sully" is everywhere in the topic,- already changed,- but I could not change it in the name of topic !.. It didn't work,- sorry !..
Aug 22, 2019 17:49:26   #
After you see the mattresses blowing through the neighborhood stick around and you'll be treated to an adorable dog and mesmerized cat.
Aug 22, 2019 17:44:24   #
Three Border Collies demonstrate their sheep herding skills with some ducks, that were kind enough to fill in for the sheep, who had the day off.
Aug 21, 2019 10:45:17   #
Thank you very-very much to every one of you for looking and beautiful comments about my shawl !.. I am not young anymore, so 'Lacy knitting' helps me to be happy !.. The very best wishes from me to everyone of you in whatever makes you happy !. Fialka.
Aug 21, 2019 10:33:25   #
If you've ever read all the possible side effects of prescription drug, then you'll appreciate this funny skit "I'm Not A Doctor".
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