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Apr 22, 2017 23:25:51   #
I had bought these needles to knit a pair of socks on majic loop and to me it seems the needles are too long. I have tried dpn and do ok, but thought I would try these. I also have the smaller 9 or 12 in and can't use it because of my arthritis in hands. Has any one found out they were too long also , or is it just me?
thanks Myra
Apr 11, 2017 20:16:07   #
I found them on raverly
Mar 29, 2017 11:52:27   #
What would be the best to do for sock yarn? I am putting my yarn into to balls and noticed a knot tied and need to rejoin it so it doesn't look like a child tied it and won't hurt or show in the socks.Haven't even gotten one ball done yet. The yarn is SIRDAR ,Sole to Sole.
Thanks Myra
Mar 13, 2017 16:36:09   #
Wow, this would be neat using leftover yarn, but using the different stitch patterns. What would I look under to get the patter you are using, the stitches are great.? thanks
Feb 1, 2017 11:30:27   #
Lovely socks, sure she will love them.
Jan 14, 2017 10:15:36   #
Sounds like a great idea for the slippers. What do we need to put on the bottom, as not to slip on wood floors and where can we purchase it? thanks
Jan 13, 2017 22:59:52   #
beautiful socks. Will have to wait till the shipping goes down, is $10.00 . And if you buy some on sale that is almost the price of two balls of yarn. Will have to keep watch though. you always have the prettiest sock, I just drool over them everytime you post pictures.. Thank you very much.
Dec 9, 2016 20:12:53   #
What a great idea. This is such a wonderful site, always learning something Thank you.
Nov 30, 2016 09:30:01   #
I agree with all also, as this is the only place I want to read daily. So much great information, and so many people willing to help and answer your questions and don't make anyone feel foolish no matter what the question. I love KP and all that are on it.
Thanks to all Myra
Nov 30, 2016 09:26:22   #
Yes, the winds were something last night. I live in Fulton Ms and it tore the back roof off a discount grocery about 3 miles from our house, along with a roof off the dock at the Marina a little farther away. Just glad we are all safe. And saying prayers for them in Tennessee.
Nov 19, 2016 22:08:26   #
No yarn here either , but the eyelash stuff. And yes they looked at me like I was crazy also.
Oct 12, 2016 23:09:10   #
Sep 30, 2016 15:23:21   #
I need to make my husband one of these but bigger for his nook.
Sep 16, 2016 19:08:03   #
cindye6556 --this is the pattern on raverly:some in english and most in Japanese
Row1: P3,PRLi、PM,P27,PM,PLLi、sl3、 T
Row2: K3,K1,slM,K27,slM,K1,糸を手前にして(いつも裏編み側に糸を置く)sl3 T
Row3: P3,P1,PRLi、PM,P27,PM,PLLi、P1,sl3、 T
Row4: K3,K2,slM,K27,slM,K2,糸を手前にして(いつも裏編み側に糸を置く)sl3 T
Row1: P3,PRLi、PM,P27,PM,PLLi、糸を手前にして(いつも裏編み側に糸を置く)sl3、 T
Row2: K3,K1,slM,K27,slM,K1,sl3 T
Row3: P3,P1,PRLi、PM,P27,PM,PLLi、P1,糸を手前にして(いつも裏編み側に糸を置く)sl3、 T
Row4: K3,K2,slM,K27,slM,K2,sl3 T

サイズ: 54目(lady S)22.5cm~(長さ調整できます)

 US 1½ - 2.5mm 輪針X2,あればUS 1½ - 2.5 mm DPN(4~6本組の針)、
マジックループで編む場合は 好みの長さの輪針X1
または ゲージにあわせた針、とじ針、マーカー、段数クリップ

18.5cm そのままの長さ
22.5cm 伸ばした状態の長さ


このタイプはきついくらいに編まないと 脱げ易いのできもち小さいくらいで仕上げてください。
Sep 16, 2016 18:16:38   #
thank you marilyn, I forgot to post the info from ravelry.
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