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Aug 30, 2019 12:36:37   #
Yep - got mine after work yesterday.

BailaC wrote:
Just got a email from Michaels. All yarn is on sale. Since I’m at sable, I’m staying away. Unfortunately, Michaels is right next door to our supermarket, so we’ll see if I stick to this. But some of you may need to buy some yarn for a new project. The email says it includes all brands. 😈
Aug 30, 2019 12:31:52   #
Gosh, for a second, I thought you were serious!! Gave me a good laugh out loud (and I'm at work!! (lunch))

knittingmermaid wrote:

Hope you got the chuckle I point on.
Aug 28, 2019 08:31:32   #
Goodness! After 50 years of knitting, I think I make a mistake in every item I make and I knit nearly every day! I am very intolerant of my mistakes and have to correct them every time or it will nag at me if I don't. Most items I knit as gifts and most receivers haven't a clue about how it is supposed to look, but the point is, that I would know if I left a mistake in! So I must correct them every time. I knitted a dishcloth for my sister and didn't see the mistake until I was on the last few rows - the mistake was at the very beginning! I was annoyed at myself and knew it wasn't worth ripping out - not for a dishcloth! So I made another one and decided to give my sister both of them. I challenged her to find the mistake, but she never could!

Leaflet wrote:
I am just wondering what many of you do when you realize you've made an error with your knitting project. I suppose it would depend on the type of error, the intended purpose of the item, etc. Do you go back and fix every time? If you don't does it nag at you? It seems that every item I make there is something I've done wrong or would have done differently. In my latest project I have nine stitches in an eight stitch border. This is about 8 rows back. It throws the pattern off a bit. In this case I'll make an adjustment and just carry on. This item is a knitted towel for myself and not a gift. About a week ago I spent hours removing about 10 rows in a project where I had made a more serious mistake. How tolerant are you of your knitting errors? Do you have errors?
I am just wondering what many of you do when you r... (show quote)
Aug 23, 2019 08:30:13   #
Great job, G - Mom!!

Pamela F wrote:
These owls are made from our GD baby clothes with the exception of the flamingo fabric.

She is nearly 7, she loves flamingos, she called them flingos when she was little so I felt it apt to add some.

I have more fabric from her clothing to play with and as she grows out of her clothes I will continue finding new ideas to continue with projects for her.

My idea is that on her 18th birthday I will give these gifts to her that I have made over the years.

Such fun free fabric filled with an adventure.

Thank you for looking.
These owls are made from our GD baby clothes with ... (show quote)
Aug 23, 2019 08:16:50   #
I've knitted a few of these - love them!

Katsch wrote:
I knit this blanket to use on our pontoon boat for night time rides. It can get cool on the water in the evening. I used stash acrylic for easy care.
Aug 22, 2019 08:23:40   #
she dropped a stitch

no1girl wrote:
there she was, sitting at the station, midnight,cold as charity, when all of a sudden
Aug 22, 2019 08:20:47   #

rosemarya wrote:
It's time parents teach responsibility. Whatever mischief they get into is someone else's fault. When I was that age, I worked at a deli on weekends and baby sat. I had chores, no allowance and was careful to follow the rules. Rules apply to no one anymore. There is no respect for authority and that includes parents. I would have died before I brought that kind of grief home to my parents!
Aug 21, 2019 08:12:34   #
a HACKSAW?? Not in my sewing kit.

GrammaSandy wrote:
Hello to all! My name is Sandy and I want to share easy scrubby made from tulle netting from Walmart. It comes in a 8” roll for $2.00 or so. I cut the rolls in half with a hacksaw or sharp kitchen knife. I crochet 4 chains, join with SS and crochet 10 DC in the center. Row 2 is ch 1 and 2 DC in each ch around then join. (20 DC). Row 3 is ch 1 and (1 DC in 1st ch and 2 DC ) in next ch. Repeat stitches within the parens around. (31 DC). I make 2 scrubbies and join them together. Ch1 and then do a SC st in ea ch. Cut fabric and weave in end like a regular yarn end. I love to use these on my dishes and counter tops. You can throw them in the wash but air dry. They are a popular stocking stuffer. I sometimes will also make one scrubby with cotton yarn and join to 1 net scrubby. Don’t add to a double scrubby or it gets too fat. This pattern is found all over the internet but I thought of the cotton sided scrubby myself. I hope you enjoy this very quick and easy crochet scrubby. Have a blessed day.
Hello to all! My name is Sandy and I want to share... (show quote)
Aug 20, 2019 12:31:57   #
I think it would look better if it were positioned higher.

enjay12 wrote:
Leave off the embroidered bear's face? Not loving how it looks. What do you think?
Aug 20, 2019 08:31:40   #
NO, no - it is NOT beyond repair. U-tube how to repair knitting. It's really quite simple.

Sherryc wrote:
I'd make another like it and throw that one away. I think it's beyond repair.
Aug 20, 2019 08:30:53   #
OH, you can do this. Just look for a u-tube video on knit repair.

antand3 wrote:
I knitted this car seat blanket for him two years ago. It’s a basketweave. Now that he is playing with cars and trucks (and he takes it everywhere) somehow this happened!! What is the best way to fix it? It doesn’t have to be pretty - just stop unraveling. Thank you
Aug 20, 2019 08:29:30   #
Why doesn't Trump need to wear eyeglasses?

Because he knows he has 2020.
Aug 15, 2019 13:21:35   #
Thanks for all of your ideas and suggestions. So far, I'll be staying at the Westgate Hotel for 4 nights, see Barry Manilow one night and one day taking a 15 hour bus tour to see Hoover Dam, Route 66 and the Grand Canyon. My daughter just came back from LV and told me I should rent a motorized scooter for her dad to get around with. She said even young people in their 20's were using them - she said there is a LOT of walking! I'll let you know all about it when I return! :)
Aug 13, 2019 20:46:35   #
We actually did get an earlier quote which was... wait for it....$23K. So maybe the third will be lower!!!

vlsg56 wrote:
I would get 2 more estimates and then consider the middle one. We got a quote to redo our bathroom, 2 years ago, and it was $12-$14,000, then. We chose to have them do our kitchen, instead, so I am trying to save for the bathroom, now. The longer we wait the more it will cost, but I would never pay $18 or more for a small bathroom.

Aug 13, 2019 20:43:53   #
I guess I'm feeling a bit sorry for myself - growing up, my father did all his own work (except for electrical), and my husband well, just never did much around the house as far as repairs go - now he's physically unable to do it. So after waiting all these years, it makes me sad to think I'll never get a beautiful new bathroom without spending more that I feel I should be paying. I have a little saved, so thought it was time..

MMWRay wrote:
It would be easy to spend $18K on a bathroom. Fixtures can go from reasonable to breath stopping prices. If you go to a plumbing supply house to pick out your tub and shower and countertop you will be paying premium prices for even the low end. That is where most contractors send you. Of course many of them get paid a percentage of building costs so they want you to buy expensive cabinets and sinks. We bought our cabinets and cultured marble countertops at a discount building supply company and saved thousands just on that. We got toilets and run from Lowe's building supply. Educate yourself on what you can buy in your area.
It would be easy to spend $18K on a bathroom. Fix... (show quote)
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