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Aug 13, 2019 20:11:28   #
It's been 20 years since we took the one and only vacation with our 4 kids and when we returned home, snow had melted on the roof of our house and we ended up with roof damage and ceiling damage to the upstairs bathroom. Fast forward and kids are grown and out of the house - all married. Husband is retired and I would love to have the bathroom repaired - yes, we have lived with it in that condition all these years. Today I had a man come in to evaluate and give us a quote. He told me to pick out what we wanted - sink, tub, toilet, etc. and then he would give us the numbers. I told him I needed some sort of figure so I knew how much I would have left to spend on the materials. He finally said it would start at $18K and could go up as high as $40K. Is this reasonable? This bathroom needs a complete gutting and a full re-do. I'm not interested in the most expensive, just make it new. BTW, we had our first floor bathroom re-done several years ago (a much smaller room, no tub, but a shower stall) for only $7K. I nearly cried out loud when I heard it would START at $18K - can you believe we only paid $20K for the house on a full acre of land (of course that was 36 years ago).
Aug 12, 2019 12:37:25   #
Alaskan cruise.
Aug 12, 2019 12:35:48   #

Karen L.Z. wrote:
Well, I needed to use up some acrylic yarn, I have WAY too much yarn! I decided to make a crochet afghan, I thought I would just do stripes, thus the stripe part in the middle of the afghan. I basically know how to chain, sc, and dc. Then I decided that I could learn how to do crochet "fair isle" and went to you tube. Nice videos on there and I learned how to do it. I had purchased the Annie's Attic Indian Blanket pattern so I started into the graphs for it, crocheting the blanket backwards because of how I started it. I used a hook that was smaller than it should have been, thus the blanket is 6 inches shorter on the width than it is supposed to be. Its also only just over 72 inches long instead of 78.

But, I used up a pile of yarn and my son and grandson love the blanket so they are getting it. At any rate, here is a picture of it. My hubby is standing on the picnic table holding it up.
Well, I needed to use up some acrylic yarn, I have... (show quote)
Aug 12, 2019 12:29:04   #
looks like roving yarn which is why I don't like to use roving yarn.

citykat66 wrote:
I purchase several skeins of shawl in a ball from Lion Brand because they were on sale for $2. Now I think I know why. I'm partway into crocheting from the first skein and have run into several sections that look like the attached picture and worse. Was wondering if any of you have run into the same problem.
Aug 12, 2019 12:24:00   #
I like uniformity - so I would want them to all be going the same way.

peg500 wrote:
Hi! Getting ready to sew these squares together. 1) Which stitch would you use to do so? 2) what order to sew them and 3) which color yarn? This is Lion Brand Slip Stitch Lapghan, free pattern. Thank you!!
Aug 12, 2019 12:22:45   #
I would move them around and take a pic of each view, then decide. They are so pretty!

peg500 wrote:
Hi! Getting ready to sew these squares together. 1) Which stitch would you use to do so? 2) what order to sew them and 3) which color yarn? This is Lion Brand Slip Stitch Lapghan, free pattern. Thank you!!
Aug 12, 2019 10:30:11   #
That was sweet of the clerk.

Patian wrote:
One time I was out running errands when I needed to use a restroom. Close by was a MacDonald's so I dashed in and used their ladies room. Then feeling guilty because I hadn't ordered anything, I decided to have one of their apple pies and a cup of coffee. The clerk came back to say their pies weren't ready yet, so I said just the coffee will be fine. When she came back with the coffee she said there would be no charge since the pies weren't ready - Oh well!
Aug 12, 2019 10:29:36   #
When the registers switched to figure the change for you, the clerk no longer needs to make change. All they need to do is add up to the amount the register tells them to return to you. I know, it is a sad thing. Our parents used to be know how to figure in their heads!!!

Dsynr wrote:
The "change" item was tight on the money.
I have had similar experiences, one of which was the following:
I was shopping and the total was an odd number, $14 plus some change. '
I gave the cashier a ten and a five and the exact change in coin, expecting a dollar back.
The cashier could not give me correct change after ringing up the purchase.
I HAD TO INSIST VERY LOUDLY to get the manager to get the correct change.

What are folks who can't count money doing at the register?
The "change" item was tight on the money... (show quote)
Aug 12, 2019 10:27:37   #
Sorry to be dull, but figuring out the small change always stumps me too - but I'm wondering why would you give $12.35 instead of $12.36?

Irene1 wrote:
I think we all have similar stories about change. I went to a drive-thru at a local sandwich shop. Ny bill was $7.36. I gave the young man behind the window $12.35. At first, he offered me $1 back, then was so confused that he had to call the manager over. After writes out the subtraction problem ona napkin and 20 minutes of total frustration (no, I’m not was actually about 23 minutes), I finally left with both sandwiches and $ singles, because it was the only way they could figure it all out.
I think we all have similar stories about change. ... (show quote)
Aug 9, 2019 13:31:59   #
"aloud" to laugh! ??

Candycounter1 wrote:
Aug 9, 2019 13:24:44   #
You're the best!

LindaH wrote:
I am dropping off a big box of yarn and other goodies to a friend of mine who is on disability and cannot afford yarn, needles, and such. I'm mailing out my box today. I am feeling so good because I was able to lessen my stash a little bit, and I am passing on a set of Dreamz straight needles to her as well. I can't wait for her to get it! She has no idea that it's coming either, so it is a surprise too!
Aug 8, 2019 14:19:03   #
wish we lived near each other - I would love to join you. I like knitting wash clothes too.

Annette1166 wrote:
I think I’ve make a good start on my Christmas gifts of wash clothes while sitting enjoying a beautiful evening on the front porch. Just your basic corner to corner pattern that I altered a bit. Red Heart Scrubby and Knit Picks Dishy yarns are used.
Aug 7, 2019 08:16:48   #
the 4th row looks different from the rest. Is that it?

Maryanneed wrote:
Not until I posted here did I see the error. Can you find it???
Aug 5, 2019 08:46:45   #
I agree!

ade wrote:
Hard to understand why so many folk think knitting should be cheap, but carpentry, sewing, painting and many other crafts, some purely artistic with no practical use, are highly valued.
Aug 2, 2019 08:09:26   #

SKRUGER wrote:
I usually work on more basic things like kids sweaters, blankets a few shawls here & there. But I was ready to do something above my safe level. I decided on a lacy shawl done in gold or black. After quite a bit of research I decided on The Bird's Eye View Shawl done in black on a #6, 40"€ needle. The body would not be too much of a challenge but the lace part looked tricky. Thinking what KP members always say, I worked on a few swatches for the different parts, figured out if I needed to change anything as a lefty knitter (I didn't), make sure I knew how to do all the stitches for the patterns (I did), decided on the yarn (Red Heart Luster Sheen in black) and I was all set to go! NO! Not quite!
First lesson: It is hard to knit 3 stitches on a 40" needle! Out came the 16"€ .
Second lesson: I must keep careful count of stitches and rows! Out came pencil, paper, stitch markers & magnetic board to hold the pattern.
Third Lesson: It is harder to work in black yarn, especially when watching tv &/or wearing dark clothing (out came a nice piece of white satin to put on my lap & aim my lamp directly on what I was doing. Also, don't work on this if there is something really interesting is on tv ( worked on something else instead).
Yea, I was finally on my way. The body worked up pretty nicely and when I had a lot of stitches I switched to the 40"€ needle and continued. When the pattern was ready to do the border, I decided to make my shawl longer. I figured out what I needed to do to keep in pattern and came to a point where I had 289 stitches on the needle. It was really hard to see the pattern fully but I knew it was working out. Throughout working on the body I could not figure out how the border was going to work out as the pattern indicated. I actually made a swatch of the border, which didn't look like much but I saw pictures of the finished shawl so I had faith.
Finally the time came to cast on the 17 stitches to work the border. It was at this point when it all made sense & I was able to see how it would work. Great, this is not bad! NO!
Fourth Lesson: Dropping a stitch when working on lace is a disaster! Life Lines to the rescue! Actually, I decided to add a life line on row 16 of every pattern. However, there were many times I had to frog back to the previous life line. This part was my challenge!
Fifth Lesson: I learned to do a lacy bind off left handed (thank you Bill Souza!)
All ends are woven in, blocking is complete now.
Final size: The shawl is 76" across and 34" from point to other end (up the center spine)
It took a long time and now it is done! I can't wait to wear it & hope you like it!
I usually work on more basic things like kids swea... (show quote)
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