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May 5, 2019 08:23:21   #
In my teens (a long long time ago) I lived very near the River Dodder & often walked along its banks both upriver & downriver, when we married we moved out of the city.

Last 6 years or so I have done very little walking in 2013 I had a left hip replaced & last week my right knee replaced - perhaps in a few weeks I will be able to enjoy walks again!
Apr 10, 2019 10:56:30   #
Love the colours, they remind me of late 1960's or early 70's - the Mary Quant era.

So Rugby has some good points!!!
Mar 31, 2019 10:06:12   #
To Catlady45

I went to Aldi this morning - had to resist the yarn (hubby was with me, I probably have more in my stash than Aldi) BUT I did buy the card making stuff, we are going to the UK this week & I need to pack so will not get to play with all this till we get home!

They had some different to usual colours in the yarn too, what a pity!!

Happy Mother's Day
Mar 31, 2019 03:29:07   #
Lovely work & adorable model!
Feb 24, 2019 03:32:46   #
Beautiful cardi
Feb 14, 2019 04:48:16   #
jemadu wrote:
Congratulations! Walking in the pool is very good for you. I swim but DH walks every day in our local (indoor, in a local hotel health club) pool. He had a hip replacement 2 years ago and walking in the pool was recommended.

I had a hip replacement 5 years ago,all went very well.

I do Aqua Aerobics 3 mornings a week love it & I have been trying to loose weight- I am down 3 stone ( with the help of careful eating)

The AA exercises have toned & strengthend me, we have fun, on my fitbit I average about 3000 steps in 3/4 hour in the pool.

I now have artherits in my knee so walking is not an option.

Continued good health wishes t your DH.
Feb 10, 2019 17:25:02   #
I have used Sculpy to make colour matched buttons for a few projects, cooked them in a Halogen oven which I do use for food, no problems!!
Feb 10, 2019 16:58:03   #
Was your "old" avatar the young boy in the snow, or am I mixing you up with someone else.

Like the new one .
Feb 9, 2019 18:01:48   #
AdeleRM wrote:
I need a foot-powered computer mouse so I can get more knitting done as I read KP.

I have often had that same thought & for the same reason!!!

Must be some clever person out there who could help us!!!!
Feb 9, 2019 04:57:29   #
I loved that!
Jan 31, 2019 15:30:02   #
so true!!
Jan 24, 2019 17:58:15   #
I very often do the buttonhole band by picking up the stitches & doing garter stitch & the hole by K1 yo k2 tog
Jan 18, 2019 12:05:37   #
My favourite top down pattern is Little coffee bean. I don't need proper markers after a few rows cos I can "read " the stitches. The markers I use , when necessary, are the little rubber bands children use to make friendship bracelets
Jan 18, 2019 11:22:50   #
Congratulations for sticking to it. I have loved looking at your photos & all the different colour combinations. Well done.
Jan 17, 2019 15:39:36   #
Thank you everybody, I had a very bad fall during the break so have had to take it easy.
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