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Aug 7, 2019 08:16:48   #
the 4th row looks different from the rest. Is that it?

Maryanneed wrote:
Not until I posted here did I see the error. Can you find it???
Aug 5, 2019 08:46:45   #
I agree!

ade wrote:
Hard to understand why so many folk think knitting should be cheap, but carpentry, sewing, painting and many other crafts, some purely artistic with no practical use, are highly valued.
Aug 2, 2019 08:09:26   #

SKRUGER wrote:
I usually work on more basic things like kids sweaters, blankets a few shawls here & there. But I was ready to do something above my safe level. I decided on a lacy shawl done in gold or black. After quite a bit of research I decided on The Bird's Eye View Shawl done in black on a #6, 40"€ needle. The body would not be too much of a challenge but the lace part looked tricky. Thinking what KP members always say, I worked on a few swatches for the different parts, figured out if I needed to change anything as a lefty knitter (I didn't), make sure I knew how to do all the stitches for the patterns (I did), decided on the yarn (Red Heart Luster Sheen in black) and I was all set to go! NO! Not quite!
First lesson: It is hard to knit 3 stitches on a 40" needle! Out came the 16"€ .
Second lesson: I must keep careful count of stitches and rows! Out came pencil, paper, stitch markers & magnetic board to hold the pattern.
Third Lesson: It is harder to work in black yarn, especially when watching tv &/or wearing dark clothing (out came a nice piece of white satin to put on my lap & aim my lamp directly on what I was doing. Also, don't work on this if there is something really interesting is on tv ( worked on something else instead).
Yea, I was finally on my way. The body worked up pretty nicely and when I had a lot of stitches I switched to the 40"€ needle and continued. When the pattern was ready to do the border, I decided to make my shawl longer. I figured out what I needed to do to keep in pattern and came to a point where I had 289 stitches on the needle. It was really hard to see the pattern fully but I knew it was working out. Throughout working on the body I could not figure out how the border was going to work out as the pattern indicated. I actually made a swatch of the border, which didn't look like much but I saw pictures of the finished shawl so I had faith.
Finally the time came to cast on the 17 stitches to work the border. It was at this point when it all made sense & I was able to see how it would work. Great, this is not bad! NO!
Fourth Lesson: Dropping a stitch when working on lace is a disaster! Life Lines to the rescue! Actually, I decided to add a life line on row 16 of every pattern. However, there were many times I had to frog back to the previous life line. This part was my challenge!
Fifth Lesson: I learned to do a lacy bind off left handed (thank you Bill Souza!)
All ends are woven in, blocking is complete now.
Final size: The shawl is 76" across and 34" from point to other end (up the center spine)
It took a long time and now it is done! I can't wait to wear it & hope you like it!
I usually work on more basic things like kids swea... (show quote)
Jul 30, 2019 08:09:28   #
Right there with ya.

peanutpatty wrote:
I don't need any advice or help, I just feel the need to get this off my chest.

My laptop started acting up and I couldn't get the internet. I took it to the local Tech expert for the first time in the 7 years. I will never again tell anyone, "No rush". I know he is busy and businesses with down time take priority but he had it over a month. After a hefty bill (he cleaned up 7 years of unnecessary files, etc.) I got it home and the first time I turned it on it froze. Cursor wouldn't move. I took it back and he told me that the last update had a glitch and got it running again. That was 2 days ago and when I turned it on again this morning - same thing. Thank goodness for my tablet but the screen is too small for my old eyes to see well.

Now I find that emails I have sent are not showing up in my "sent" file even though they have been posted as sent. My friends and family must be thinking I'm ignoring them.
I was told our cable/internet company is doing upgrades and people are having trouble with TV and computers. Maybe that was the problem to begin with.

So, back to the local tech and cross my fingers hoping it won't take another month.

I'm tempted to bite the bullet and buy another laptop but that might not be the solution either. I find myself wishing for the days when party line telephones were considered high tech.

Thanks for putting up with my rant - I feel better now. LOL
I don't need any advice or help, I just feel the n... (show quote)
Jul 29, 2019 08:52:18   #
I get paid every two weeks, but after I cash my check (yes, I still like to get a paper check instead of having it all automatically deposited), I sit on my bed and separate the money in two piles. Half of it goes in an envelope for the next week - that way, I feel as if I'm getting paid every week. I remove the coins from my change purse and only keep 4 pennies, a few nickles, dimes and 4 quarters and put the rest in my piggy bank. When the piggy bank gets full, I roll the coins, take them to the bank and decide whether to incorporate that money into my wallet or deposit in the savings account. Maybe it's weird, but it works for me. I also put aside very nice looking single dollar bills all year long, then when each grandkid has a birthday, they get a dollar for every year of their age. Last year, my 14 year old grandson marveled at how nice they smelled and how crisp and new they were.

books wrote:
Anybody else weird about saving money? I save a dollar a day... have for years. One single dollar, and at the end of the month between 28 and 31 dollars gets deposited into my savings. The bank tellers probably think I'm a stripper or something! LOL. My husband laughs at me, "Why not put aside $20 every time you get paid?" Yeah, I could, but I like my way better. I also compulsively save change.
My dad saved 5 dollar bills, all the time growing up, I never saw him spend a 5 dollar bill. When he died, I found $10,000 neatly stacked in $5 with a note saying that it was for his funeral. Anybody else do anything weird with money?
Anybody else weird about saving money? I save a do... (show quote)
Jul 26, 2019 08:59:13   #
LOVE it!!

cheryljackson wrote:
Have just finished putting all this together made it specially for my grandma thought it would be a nice Christmas gift for her, I know Christmas is still a long time away but at least that one present crossed of the list. now time to design a another one (the wedding (next month)
Jul 26, 2019 08:56:36   #
Real sweet!!
Jul 25, 2019 08:24:49   #
WAY too long to watch the whole thing. They look professional.

ragdoll03 wrote:

They sure are all in sync and good!
Jul 25, 2019 08:20:25   #
remove the head from the flower and nail THAT to a post - not the whole flower.

Susan P wrote:
No nailing to the poor tree - the nail hole allows disease to enter the tree! A good idea, though to place it out for the birds. There should be plenty of side blooms that will also produce lots of seeds.
Jul 24, 2019 12:50:32   #

mea wrote:
I just took this picture to send to my daughters and thought “Wow! My yard is starting to look pretty good!” Plenty more to do.

I’m not bragging! I let my large yard get completely overgrown since we moved in. Three daughters and a full time job kept me busy! Besides, I had no idea what to do.

But now I’m a retired empty nester with all day to do whatever I want! So for the last few summers I’ve been trying to do something...mostly cutting...pulling...repeat.

I’m not too good with plants, but whomever lived here before me was a gardener So i’m discovering all kinds of things that survived despite the neglected conditions. My sister comes now and then to point out what is or isn’t a weed. (I’ve babied a few weeds!)

But anyway (sorry to ramble!) but finally starting to see change feels good and being out there is such good exercise. Summers go by way too fast here in Michigan.
I just took this picture to send to my daughters a... (show quote)
Jul 24, 2019 12:29:40   #
Yes, it takes me right to the "home page" for Ravelry and I just have to sign in. Love it.

gapeach31781 wrote:
I followed a link to Ravelry today, all I saw was a jumbled mess. Then I hit the favorites to make sure it wasn't a fluke. Does everyone's screen look like this?
Jul 18, 2019 07:56:15   #
THANK YOU to everyone who responded with some terrific ideas and tips for me. I'll be sure to do more research and let you know how it all went. It will be a bit of a challenge for me since DH no longer drives (and has a difficult time walking too), so I will have to pick our events carefully. I'm also somewhat of a scaredy cat when it comes to driving in new places and finding my way!!! Oh, boy!
Jul 17, 2019 15:59:46   #
I do wear mittens - I live in upstate NY. What are your concerns about acrylic? It is my go-to yarn of choice.

Viwstitcher wrote:
I want to knit mittens for our reservation project. My question is, would you as an adult, wear mittens? They will be stranded, so no simple solid color. I’m not at the gloves stage yet so I’m just wondering if an adult will wear mittens. I live in Texas so fingerless mitts are enough for me, but these folks live in South Dakota. The mittens will be in wool not acrylic. I always have safety concerns on acrylic so I always use wool. Since I usually use merino for most of my projects, they will be nice and soft.
On another question, what’s the difference between merino and Blue Faced Leicester yarn as far as softness and sturdiness?
Thanks to anyone who will respond. Both the stranded and complete mitten are new skills for me. I’m particularly looking forward to the stranded knitting part.😁👵🏻
I want to knit mittens for our reservation project... (show quote)
Jul 17, 2019 12:56:49   #
For those of you who have been (or plan to go) to Las Vegas, can you give me any tips or ideas on what to see or do while there?

My girlfriend who lives in VA is an avid follower of Barry Manilow and she has invited me to go with her to his show this September in Vegas. I have never been, but would like to visit the Grand Canyon while there also. What else? I can spend 5-7 days there. THANK YOU.
Jul 17, 2019 10:34:56   #
what a precious!!

emuears wrote:
I had my ggrandaughter for the day, she will be five on Christmas Day and is a very busy soul. We spent the day playing shopping, I was the check out chick and she was the customer. I learnt how she was disciplined by her parents, a slap on the bottom for really bad things and time out in her room for less misdemeanours, mum doesn't say anything 'she just points and I know not to argue' I also learnt that bedtime isn't negotiable and toys not put away ' just disappear '
I have never seen a child eat so much and she is a very slight little thing, she eats anything. After a walk in the garden to ' look at the view' and see if we could find puddles to try out the gumboots her dad arrived to pick her up. She was in bed early and so was I.
I had my ggrandaughter for the day, she will be fi... (show quote)
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