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Jan 14, 2019 10:46:43   #
I haven't taught that many people. I teach the Knit Cast-on, because every time one does it, the muscle memory for HOW to knit is reinforced. One just keeps knitting. Having said that, I generally use long-tail to cast on now, because I like it. I've used others, as various projects suggest and/or require. After 50 years, it's fun to learn something new that is also useful.
Jan 14, 2019 10:41:04   #
I figure out approximate cost/wear for a year, and then divide that by how many years I think I will (reasonably) wear it. Usually makes it possible for me to convince myself - the hard part is KNOWING how long it will take me to get around to that particular project . . . and will it still fit in however many years??
Jan 10, 2019 09:13:57   #
Unless this is a surprise - ask the man for some measurements and then do the math . . .it's not that complicated, especially if you are an experienced knitter. If it IS a surprise, what you have suggested sounds reasonable and promising. Best of luck with this.
Jan 9, 2019 13:48:57   #
I'd refine my Ravelry search to Hats, Brimmed and/or cloche . . .see if that helps.
Jan 9, 2019 13:46:42   #
We meet at the Hen House Restaurant in Saint Helen (exit 222 off I-75) on Thursday afternoons (1:00-ish to 4:00-ish) to sit and knit. While this group originally began to knit mittens for the Mitten Tree which the restaurant sponsors every year, it is not mandatory that one knit mittens or anything specific for charity. Feel free to join us - we don't bite. At least not yet! PM me with questions -

P.J. Coldren
Jan 9, 2019 13:37:24   #
Set aside 15 minutes - and declutter just for that time. It will result in small bags one can easily carry to the car right away, and once they are in the car, they are MUCH easier to take out when you are near a donation spot. If one does 15 minutes a day for a week - that's almost 2 hours of clutter done. One bag for donation, one bag for dump, one to be put away in the right place right away. It's amazing how much one can do in a small amount of time!
Jan 9, 2019 13:32:47   #
IF he doesn't already have a hobby, tell him HE has to find something to do with himself. It's NOT your job to keep him happy. The first year is really an adjustment. When I retired, before my spousal unit, I made sure I had places to go several days a week. Knitting group on Monday afternoon. Book group on Tuesday (not so much anymore). Quilting on Wednesday - even though I don't quilt. Thursday, charity knitting here in town. And I bought the SU a pair of wireless headphones, so if the TV is on all fecking day, I don't HAVE to hear it. I wish you the best of luck - and truly, it's NOT your job to amuse him . . . he's a big boy and can figure this out for himself.
Jan 9, 2019 13:24:20   #
You might want to try this . . .

Good luck -
Jan 9, 2019 13:16:10   #
You can report this, and other calls like this, to the FTC at There is a link to report scam calls - they request the number that called you, the name of the company (if given) your name and number, and what the call was about (there's a drop-down menu to pick from). I have no idea if this makes any difference at all in the grand scheme of things, and I do it anyway, just because I feel like I'm DOING something. I've also blocked robocalls through my cable provider (Spectrum/Charter). They have a service called NoMoRoBo, and you can sign up on-line if you have an account with them. It helps - my phone rings ONCE and that's it. So we wait for it to ring a second time before we even think about answering the phone. Hope this helps somebody . . .
Jan 9, 2019 13:10:35   #
Measure one of you In-the-Round blankets from one corner to where you start the center diamond . . .then do that many rows again before you start your decrease. I think that should come out pretty close . . .you can either measure number of rows or number of inches - either way should work. Best of luck . . . and bless you for donating.
Jan 8, 2019 21:14:19   #
You do lovely work. Can/Will you share the pattern?
Jan 8, 2019 21:09:54   #
For all those who responded - thank you so very much. I have been keeping my patterns (with notes) in a notebook (or two) for the last few years - so I can look back to see what I've made and what I did differently from the pattern. I haven't been keeping track of the yarn(s) used, and I might begin to do that. I know that I should be taking pictures . . . and I don't really want to be bothered. I have a hard enough time getting the finished project stuff into the appropriate notebook! Keeping track of pictures and finding the pattern (most assuredly weeks later) is beyond my level of interest. So thank you for all your input - I appreciate it so much.
Jan 7, 2019 17:24:41   #
My sister (wonderful woman) bought me an Ott floor lamp recently; I use it daily. It makes it so much easier to see dark yarns (particularly against some of my darker needles) and to see stitch definitions (so I can tell when I've made a mistake - not that THAT ever happens). Take a coupon to Joanne's with you - maybe you can get it cheaper yet. Check by the checkout before you venture deep into the store, or go on-line and see what you can find.
Jan 6, 2019 11:23:35   #
After knitting for half a century, I've gotten the notion to keep track of what I'm doing. Go figure. Do any of you keep a knitting journal? If so, do you purchase one or did you come up with your own "this works for me" format? I know I saw, several years ago, a blog or post somewhere about a really amazing knitting journal (not cheap, of course) and I think it came from Germany. Does anyone have a clue about this one? I've tried the Google route - nothing really spoke to me. I tend to rely on people who have "been there, done that" for input that will help me and makes sense to me. Thanks for any and all help you may render; I've never seen a question posted that somebody, somewhere doesn't have a relevant answer for.
Jan 1, 2019 16:45:33   #
I'm not interested - and if I were, it might help a lot to know where you are in the world.
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