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Posts for: vickiryder
Feb 7, 2019 23:42:38   #
My granddaughter will be married in an outdoor wedding, and the day might be cool, so I'd like to knit her a wedding shawl. The pattern I seek, Ireth Lace Scarf by Madeline Wardrobe, is out of print.
Does anyone know where I might find a copy?
Kelsey's Grandma
Nov 13, 2017 08:33:55   #
I'm with you, Wendy. I've got three knitting projects going simultaneously, and I really want to get them finished, but the current political climate has me paralyzed. I wake up dreading every new day and every new bit of news. The only thing that I've found that feels satisfying these days is getting out and joining with others in working for change. I tell myself that that will be a more meaningful gift to my grandchildren than yet another sweater. I also managed to motivate myself to knit five squares for a Refugee Welcome Blanket -- a group project among neighbors. We didn't get it finished in time to meet the exhibition deadline, but we're still satisfied that it will find its way to a refugee family. See:
Nov 13, 2017 08:22:29   #
Well done! After you've done it once, it never seems so hard again.
Good for you....
Nov 13, 2017 08:21:01   #
Oy! I feel your pain, Nancy. May there be better days ahead,
Feb 19, 2017 23:03:03   #
I'm looking to purchase a copy of the August 2015 issue of "I Like Knitting" Magazine. My local yarn shop doesn't have it in stock, and I don't know where else to look to buy magazines that are no longer in the stores. Can anyone point me in the right direction? Should I write to the publisher to see if they sell single issues, or is there another way to do this?
Many thanks!
Mar 28, 2016 10:24:06   #
Bernie is polling much higher in the polls than Hillary, and can definitely go all the way, if only the DNC and the media would cease their sabotage of his campaign. He's just won all three of the caucuses this week, and two of last week's three. And, polls show that if Trump should emerge as the Rep. candidate, Bernie would be more likely to beat him than Hillary would, since many progressive Dems won't vote for Hillary.
Mar 28, 2016 10:19:17   #
It really puzzles me when people say they like Bernie but will vote for Hillary. Hillary has supported every pre-emptive for-profit war the US has engaged in, and is now itching to engage our troops in Libya and other sovereign nations. She also is largely responsible for our deposing democratically elected heads of state in Latin America, and replacing them with those more friendly to US corporate interests. And, to make matters worse, she's said that single-payer health care is impossible. Bernie, on the other hand, has consistently advocated for single-payer (Medicare for all) and for civil rights, and is opposed to our ill-conceived and constant wars. He has shown time and time again that we CAN afford to provide health care for all, and tuition-free college education, too... The money comes from eliminating wasteful military spending and tax loopholes for corporations that drain billions from our economy every year.
Mar 4, 2016 22:15:04   #
I'm hoping to make my stepdaughter a cardigan using worsted weight yarn. She's a size 1XL, and she'd like something with a bit of a swing perhaps similar to the Mr. Greenjeans sweater shown here:
The problem is that this pattern as written has some errors in it, and I've already started it and ripped it out three times due to the poor instructions. If any of you know of a pattern for something similar, please point me in the right direction. THANK you, in advance, for any help you can provide,
Jan 1, 2015 13:59:59   #
My six-year-old granddaughter has just leraned to knit... and to read! She's graduated to reading "chapter books," but is still young enough to enjoy a good picture book, as well. (Her knitting is pretty good, too, as long as it's a scarf.) She enjoyed "Extra Yarn," and now I'm looking for other age-appropriate story books that feature knitting as a theme. Any suggestions???
Jan 1, 2015 11:03:44   #
My granddaughter is six, and has just learned to knit. She's working on a scarf for her pet stuffed kitty, and she's doing pretty well at it. She's also an advanced reader and has graduated to reading "chapter books" but she's still young enough to enjoy a good picure book, too. Can any of you recommended story books for her to read that feature knitting as their theme? (I've tried looking on line, but my searches always seem to lead me to pattern books for children's sweaters.) Any suggestions you can offer would be very much appreciated.
Nov 14, 2014 19:02:40   #
Would you say that quilted wall hangings are a waste of fabric because the fabric could be used for bed quilts instead? While I consider myself an enviromentalist, and usually decry waste, I think Yarn Bombing is a wonderful way to bring beauty and joy to the mundane. Besides, it's often done with leftover yarn, and the yarn can always be repurposed. Yarn Bombing also brings attention to our craft, and could well ignite an interest in knitting that might bring a lifetime of pleasure to others. Thank you to Jessica-Jean, Tamarque and others for voicing your support for Yarn Bombing.
Sep 9, 2013 14:04:22   #
Perfect! Thanks so much for sharing your experience with all of us....
Sep 9, 2013 13:59:48   #
My concern is that the yarn will have lost it's fluffiness if stretched too tightly. Is it better to wind it loosely, or does that defeat the purpose of getting out the waves?
Sep 9, 2013 11:42:58   #
I'm in the same mess right now with a sweater I started knitting and need to rip and re-use. The yarn is 100% wool. How did you "damp it"? Thanks for any and all help!
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