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Feb 19, 2017 09:50:41   #
If you are ever able to locate an English version of this I would love to make this for my granddaughter.
Jan 27, 2017 10:48:47   #
I finally located a pattern that looks like the pamphlet that I had previously. It is on Ravelry called "My First Top Down Pullover". Took looking to Pinterest to find this.
Jan 27, 2017 08:43:01   #
It was pamphlet that I bought from yarn store that is no longer in business. I thought at first it was from Knitting Pure and Simple, but then realized it was not from them. I may post a picture of what I have done so far and post it.
Jan 26, 2017 17:38:23   #
I have looked in one nearby yarn shop, and online to wherever I could think to look and could not find anything.
Jan 26, 2017 14:35:28   #
I was working on a sweater before Christmas and cannot find my pattern. It is a crew neck pullover worked from top down. Picture on front shows an adult female and small child. The pattern shows the yoke is worked in a varigated yarn and the rest of the body is a solid color. I cannot think of who designed the pattern and have no luck finding it anywhere. I have one sleeve left to do to finish it. The sleeve is also worked from the armhole down to the wrist. I believe I accidentally threw it away with newspapers. It may be a pattern that is out of print.
May 25, 2015 08:46:55   #
Apr 30, 2015 20:22:42   #
I live in Oshkosh and have taken a couple of Hardanger classed in the past but did not know of any location that teaches a class. Will you be doing more classes in the future? I want to do more Hardanger.
Apr 12, 2015 23:30:54   #
Emails are just the tip of the iceberg with Hillary Clinton. She is so polarizing and imagine Bill again in the White House-both not up to the task!!!
Apr 12, 2015 23:28:28   #
Apr 12, 2015 21:06:32   #
Absolutely beautiful. I have a new granddaughter and would love information about the pattern if you would care to share the information.
Apr 12, 2015 21:03:45   #
Since I am not a liberal the thought of Hillary Clinton in the White House makes my skin crawl. I found that she and Bill did not just want to defeat others but destroy them as well. I have no respect for her. She is not warm, not easy to like, and work in the State Department is suspect at the least. Her handling of Benzhai was a mess and the email issue is a problem with me. I do not trust her and I do not find her truthful at all. I want someone younger, not with the baggage she has. I find her hard to listen to as she has a sharp tone and less than warm. Elizabeth Warren is so left wing that I really don't want her. I feel any republican will be better than the two of them put together. I am from Wisconsin so I really would like to see Scott Walker as President.
Apr 1, 2015 09:37:49   #
It is not listed anywhere else in the pattern. All the other stitches are explained but not this one. I also went on the internet to see if I could find what it means and could find nothing. Thank you for your help.
Apr 1, 2015 09:27:59   #
I am knitting a pair of booties. I did the sole and am now on the upper. The particular row in question says to "K13, KT,p3, KT, p3, KT, p3, KT, p3, KT, k13,p1. What does "KT" mean? I have not had that in a pattern before.
Mar 30, 2015 13:40:53   #
They are so cute. Thank you for the pattern and your help. Jan
Mar 30, 2015 13:39:09   #
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