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Mar 22, 2019 10:13:48   #
I wish you all good luck. If we only bought what we needed we could live in one of the tiny houses that are about the size of half a garage with 4 people living there. Not many of us are meant to be survivalists. When I retired, I decided I would live without credit cards. But I was not going to deprive myself. I was told you will live longer without all that junk, I said, no it will only seam longer!
Mar 21, 2019 21:41:41   #
No reply.
Mar 19, 2019 13:43:39   #
I agree with lepeka. Ear Pops are GREAT. I HATE anything that messes up my hair and for years I have worn ear pops. They are also sold under the name of Ear Bags and some of them even have thinsolate a form of cloth insulation in them that was originally designed for ski team's uniforms. When I used to have migraine headaches, I was able to lie down with these on without experiencing any additional pain caused by the ear pops and they kept the noise level down in addition to keeping the ears warm.
Mar 19, 2019 13:31:43   #
He is so cute. Our him in all the children 's Easter Bass you make up.
Mar 18, 2019 21:13:50   #
I know it is expensive, but that is why I have doggy health insurance. My vet tells me that now there is two kinds, the expensive one I have that covers EVERYTHING, and the catastrophic, which is much, much more reasonable, but only covers things like what happened to Major. The second type is getting very popular according to my vet, because the cost difference is like covering your car for only the repair of the car you hit and not you own.
Mar 18, 2019 20:57:22   #
I am not sure if this is where this belongs, but here goes. If I find a pattern that I like and after due diligence am not able to figure out how to enlarge it because guage is not given and I am not able to find the yarn mentioned in the pattern, would I be infringing on the designers rights if I find a similar pattern to the base portion of the item, that comes in the correct size and then add the part of the pattern using my own design to complete the project. Yes, I am talking about the Beer Stein Socks for my nephew-in-law. I have found a basic, free, knitted pattern for the sock and intend to make it in dk weight (not the yarn used in the original pattern, nor the weight) yarn except for the top 2 inches which instead of ribbing is going to be a yarn that will resemble foam. Then on the side I will place either an I-cord handle or a tube that I stuff to give it shape and strength for the handle. I will be writing down how I do this so if anyone else wants to make them, I have a pattern to give them. I don't want to end up in court over a pair of socks Michael will wear one weekend a year in a small town in Northern Ohio.
Mar 18, 2019 16:20:24   #
I am not a great corresponder, but I would like to try. Will send you a pm.
Mar 17, 2019 18:11:13   #
It seemed like such a nice thing to do, an easy thing to do, I have spent 42 hours on it and all I have is the pattern! It says that I need 1 ball of Happy by Bernat in white. I can't find just Happy in worsted weight. It is always Happy something and NOT in worsted. The pattern is for women's socks in medium, but says you can make it in any size by just adjusting the number of stitches (I have done that often as I have turned straight size sweaters into plus size). But I have to have the guage which is missing in the pattern. Having written the designer, she says the guage doesn't matter. No offense to her but that is BS, how do you know how many stitches to cast on? You have helped me with this pattern before in regards to abbreviations, so I am coming to you again, hat in hand, for help with the starting number of stitches to cast on and if you know where I can get the yarn. I have included a picture of the pattern which is free on Ravelry "Beer Stein Socks". My nephew is a great guy and deserves these socks please help!

Mar 14, 2019 12:01:21   #
You are very generous! I give people a month, with HEAVY encouragement! If they say they are not sure they can do it, I tell them I am sure enough for both of us. Your faith in them may be all they really need. Now, you don't really HAVE to believe in them, but you do HAVE to sound and look like you do. With insecure people, perception is 90% of the battle.
Mar 14, 2019 11:50:15   #
Thank you, you have brought up things I didn't take into consideration: a bit of structure and the direction of the increases and decreases. I have a tendency to go off half-cocked, so I am eternally grateful that I have my KP friends to help me keep my feet on the ground.
Mar 14, 2019 10:40:04   #
I used to follow patterns religiously; then you taught me they were just a suggestion. Well, you've created a monster and now you're going to have to live with me! I am doing Red Heart knitting pattern Compass Pillow LW3921.
The instructions say to make 2, seam compass needle pieces together matching colors. This does two things that I don't like: it gives you a lumpy seam (and I 'm lumpy enough for all of us) and it wastes time. Why can't I knit the row and then repeat it once joining it and go on the next row repeating this theory?

Mar 12, 2019 13:35:29   #
I am afraid that the only successful leader would be a benevolent dictator, however, that is an oxymoron, so we have no real chance at all.
Mar 12, 2019 13:20:28   #
Magnificent! Wouldn't it be great to live there?
Mar 12, 2019 13:17:22   #
My father quit cold turkey after visiting a friend in the hospital who was smoking through his trachea hole that he had just gotten for throat cancer! He came home and threw out all of his cigars, cigarettes and pipes. I had never seen my father without smoke curling around his head, but he said seeing what his friend was doing frightened him more than being a spy during WWII.
Mar 12, 2019 13:00:50   #
I just watched a wonderful tutorial by Arnie and Carlos about steeking that said they never use anything but a wet towel, a steam iron and an ironing board to do their blocking because the people who work for them often do not have much more and if used correctly, nothing else is needed. They do not recommend buying all the mats and pins when everyone has towels, irons and ironing can use the $ to buy more yarn.
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