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Sep 16, 2019 14:10:04   #
bevvyreay wrote:
Carrot onion garlic celery Worcester sauce red wine. Oh and our beloved Mary Berry has a delicious recipe with dauphinois instead of mash. Flipping lovely 😊

I've just made another of your Mary Berry Chocolate Cakes for my son's office tomorrow. If It's a success I will make one for the Macmillan Coffee Morning. I usually make two or three cakes for the Coffee Morning.

Sep 16, 2019 12:05:05   #
Caroline19 wrote:
I saute onion and garlic, then mushrooms, green pepper and grated carrot. I stir this until the liquid from the mushrooms release their juices and immediately add to my tomato sauce base and then divide because I have some family that don't eat meat and others that do. I'm told that I make the best pasta sauce according to my grandkids. I'm just happy that they eat it.

That sounds absolutely delicious!
Sep 16, 2019 11:43:44   #
0106rainbow wrote:
No, but I try to prep it a few hours ahead so all the flavours get a chance to blend and mature and that softens the peppers.

That makes sense. Thanks!
Sep 16, 2019 11:36:12   #
0106rainbow wrote:
My daughter puts diced carrot into hers for just that reason.

Diced green peppers and mushrooms go into mine.

I had Spag bol at a friend's house and she had put green peppers and mushrooms in. It was the nicest Spag bol I have tasted. Do you soften up the peppers before adding?
Sep 16, 2019 11:25:12   #
Londonlady wrote:
Me too, I only win £25 from time to time. I couldn't believe that one of the million pound winners this month only bought the winning PB in January this year. Why do some people have all the luck. I'm not bothered for myself but think of how I could help my daughters with that amount of money.

Omg I didn't see that! We have had some for 40 years and like you get the odd £25. Got £100 once. I'm patiently waiting for the biggie. Nobody can say I'm not an optimist. Hubby laughs at me for being disappointed each month :).
Sep 16, 2019 11:21:18   #
One of our favourite dishes. I don't know where I found the recipe but it has 100gm of grated carrot in the recipe. What do you put in your Spaghetti Bolognese?

Sep 16, 2019 11:12:36   #
Londonlady wrote:
You did the right thing by ringing the bank first and what a lovely surprise that it was legit and he was getting all that lovely money. Happy ending that's what I like.

We bought some premium bonds instead of going on a shopping spree :). Just waiting now for Ernie to pick the numbers :).
Sep 16, 2019 10:57:55   #
Hubby had a letter to say he had a refund of £13,000+ due from an old bank account. This account is closed. I begged him not to fill in the form asking for old passwords etc. He rang the bank to check the letter only to find it was legit and a cheque duly arrived. I think I would have binned the letter without checking which would have been embarrassing.
Sep 14, 2019 15:22:26   #

What an adventure! Great pics.
Sep 14, 2019 07:28:51   #
Gorgeous cardigan and lovely wool. What a bargain!
Sep 13, 2019 02:38:16   #
NYBev wrote:
Definitely going to make this cake, but I may use orange marmalade in the middle. Orange and chocolate - yum!

This is the recipe I used. It varies a little from the link knit4ES gave. It really is a very light, moist sponge. Delicious!
Sep 12, 2019 13:01:21   #
Aisles wrote:
mmmmm apricot in chocolate cake and it looks truely scrummy yummy lets put it in our tummies.

I knew he would love it when I saw the apricot jam in the filling. It reminds us of the famous sachertorte from the Hotel Sacher in Vienna. Hubby used to bring me back a sachertorte whenever he was in Vienna on business.
Sep 12, 2019 12:11:40   #

I made your chocolate cake for hubby's birthday today. It is delicious. So light and the apricot jam in the filling is just perfect. Thanks for recipe! I didn't get the frosting right but hopefully will next time.

Sep 10, 2019 18:16:15   #
That's great to hear!
Sep 10, 2019 12:28:01   #
bevvyreay wrote:
Good luck nanad. After my chemo my hair took a while to grow back so I used lee Stafford hair growth shampoo and conditioner and I swear it really made a difference. I went from brunette to thick curly and not grey but white!!! Took a while but finally I think I quite like it

I found the shampoo on Amazon but is the conditioner the Hair Growth Treatment 200ml for £8.49? Will give it a try. I'm still using my Redken for coloured hair :). Didn't want to throw it.
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