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Feb 4, 2017 19:26:56   #
LadyHawk, love it.
Feb 1, 2017 18:51:14   #
I speak to you who fit the mold...

Would you allow and applaud others who use the Methods you are using to bully your children, grandkids and others you love? You are bullies.

I have missed others who are no longer on this site because they also were driven away by bullies. I will miss the kind and sweet people I have met, but I have no desire to continue seeing you attack and kill the spirit of gentle people.

To my friends, thank you for all the goodness you have shared freely with others. I miss you already.

( no wonder we hear of teens killing themselves over being bullied. It makes me sick at the thought. )

I will contact the powers that be and have my name removed.
Jan 29, 2017 23:30:38   #
To user 17143

I just heard on the news of killings in Qubec... I'm sorry for your loss.
Jan 29, 2017 22:47:11   #
To all who have a better plan...

Ok, for those against this plan, submit a plan you think will work.

Remember Pearl Harbor? Japanese Americans were interned. Horrible. Unfair. Yup, but who knew what to do when Japan attacked us? Well 9-11 is the modern day Pearl Harbor. Do you do nothing or try to figure out how to keep Americans safe. France, Germany and England are still being attached and many people killed. In America, many plots have been stopped here, but not all. Ask the people killed or maimed in Boston. Do you just let everyone in and hope they will be our friend? They aren't.

Submit your plan. If it is better to keep Americans safe, I'll sign your petition to get it to Trump.

I'm in Houston. I am scared the Super Bowl will be a target. Can you keep the fans safe? Can you keep my kids safe? I don't ignor what is happening to the innocent people who are inconvenienced with this plan but they aren't being killed. But did a terrorist get stopped?

Maybe vetting is good against bad guys, but good guys pay by being looked over too. I have 2 hip replacements and I'm paying the price too. I'm pulled out at the airport and practically strip searched. Had to take pants and shirt off one time. I get swabbed for explosives every time too. I don't like it, but they caught some bad guys that way.

So, show me your plan.

Please don't hate me. My family members served in the military so I could have freedom of speech too.
Jan 27, 2017 17:54:50   #
So glad you are here. I get so much help when someone else asks a question and the answer inspires me too. I'm retired now so have a bit more time to try things out. Nice people here. Welcome aboard!
Jan 20, 2017 20:59:10   #
I learned to crochet first, then knit. Depends on what pattern I like. Do I knit or crochet today?
Jan 12, 2017 23:34:08   #
Wow, beautiful! In the best of times I can't come close to you. Hope your healing process stops on complications and starts healing as planned.
Jan 11, 2017 01:03:25   #
I wasn't sure what " Singing Gourds" meant. Just what it said, and they are so cute!
Jan 10, 2017 22:23:50   #
Welcome from Texas. What is your location?
Jan 2, 2017 15:56:03   #
I read every post so not to duplicate. My mom is 95. She begs don't give me anything, I don't need anything. So I send small food gifts. I also got a sweet smelling sachet for her drawers. She loves the smell when she opens the drawer for a pair of socks. Also tiny.

I live 2500 miles away and try to go see her twice a year. I also try to call her 5 times a week. I may only make 3 or 4 times, but we chat several times a week. We just chat, nothing important most of the time. A phone visit. I call her house phone on my cell, so no long distance charges. And, as we chat I'm hearing stories about when she was young I never heard before. Give an aging parent your time. Start out one call a week 15-20 minutes and increase as it works for both of you. Watch time zones and don't let it be a chore. It took several weeks and we felt good with our time together. It's all about time, not gifts. Bless you all.
Dec 27, 2016 01:43:06   #
Not only children's charities, how about the breast cancer funds, Avon, Susan Korhman,( not sure of spelling) and a few more. 25-30 years collecting billions and promise a cure. What cure? My SIL died 32 years ago and 2 years ago my DIL's sister died with the exact symptoms. What good did all that money do and who got it???

I donate to a few charities, but make sure it goes directly to the charity. Like St. Jude, Boys and Girls Country - a local group about 8 miles down the road, also a dog charity, local too.

Pick one or more charities you like. Call them and say you want to send direct, not to a fund raiser. They will be happy to give their information. We can't give to everyone and shouldn't feel guilty for starving kids, or homeless pets. And, no matter where you live, there are families and kids who go to bed hungry. Give to a local food bank, or check with the schools. Ours are sending weekend food packs home so the kids have food on the days they don't go to school. Remember, Charity begins at home. That's not selfish it's smart. Local charities need your help and you can feel good instead of aggrivated with your payment or other donation. I am happy with my giving now.
Dec 26, 2016 18:12:54   #
I like the concept of Boxing Day! We had family over Christmas Eve. My granddaughter has moved into her first apartment so I had several things out if she needed (or) wanted any. After she picked what she wanted, her mom, my DIL took the rest. Better than Charity shop, still goes where needed and I didn't have to pack it up and deliver it.
Dec 25, 2016 00:38:44   #
Welcome from Texas! You will help us as much as you are helped.
Dec 24, 2016 23:42:02   #
Tell me what Boxing Day is and how and why it's, celebrated. I hear the term but not sure what Boxing Day is all about. By the way, Merry Christmas too.
Dec 19, 2016 00:35:46   #
The girls are looking so cute. No ugly sweater for them!
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