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Feb 3, 2017 16:40:01   #
I had a set of wooden needles not same brand, but the puppy made toothpicks of them
Jan 22, 2017 08:11:53   #
Yes , you can fix the short side by cutting yarn very close to cast on and tink out the ribbing pick up stitches and knit the other way down to where the other side ribbing starts, do ribbing and walla. There is a class on craftsy that teaches how to fix all kinds of mistakes or worn out stuff.
Jan 20, 2017 10:16:43   #
Very lovely
Jan 20, 2017 10:11:32   #
Yes Rainie that is the one the pattern calls for and I did find a match in yarn sorta but not in colors. So I guess it will be quite a while before I can get the yarn. Thank you all for your help.
Jan 19, 2017 12:15:12   #
I am afraid not. Can you send pictures?
Jan 19, 2017 12:12:05   #
My next sweater requires two ply wool and a lot of it, I know Jameson Shetland spindrift is about $6.00 a skein for 115 yds does anyone know of any similar yarn that is cheaper?
Jan 10, 2017 13:18:06   #
Thank you so much for your very important information. I have done some fair isle knitting and I love that one pictured on the front of her book .so now I won't bother any more with it. Although the library is trying to borrow one. And thanks to you good people next time I will visit Barnes and Nobel, cannot imagine why I never though of that. Thanks again
Jan 10, 2017 13:05:04   #
I wasn't asking for an illegal copy and yes I was unsuccessful searching for the one pattern what I wanted to know was if anyone had it , what did you think, where there graphs?and was it easy to understand.
Jan 9, 2017 16:05:44   #
Jan 9, 2017 16:03:17   #
Amarillo Texas, had two inches of snow last week , all melted and 70* F now but one night we got down to -2* next snow coming Friday.
Jan 9, 2017 15:54:48   #
She and the hat are just adorable.
Jan 9, 2017 15:51:43   #
Has anyone got this new book on Fair Isle Knitting, i cannot copy and paste a picture, but it is on amazon for $40.00 which is way to much. Besides i only want the one pattern on the front.
Jan 9, 2017 15:29:30   #
I vote dark one
Dec 6, 2016 11:30:54   #
Go to schoolhouse press web site they have a pattern for Guernsey sweaters.
Dec 6, 2016 11:12:54   #
I agree completely. Merry Christmas
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