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Mar 21, 2019 23:47:06   #
Beautiful article.
Mar 21, 2019 23:15:48   #
cattdages wrote:
And you just created a whole new post about it - why? Because you're a troll who can't respond because you have been ignored by the badass chicks in the Attic.

Why would anyone even suggest that any woman was a man? Why go there? First of all...there are just not that many trans women out there, and certainly not that many when Michelle Obama was first coming into the public realm, and in this case there are photos of her going back to grade school where she was clearly living as female - and back then it certainly wouldn't have been a Jazz situation. Also, her daughters look just like her. It's bizarre.

I can only assume it's a racist knee-jerk reaction to a prominent African-American woman to attempt to diminish and ridicule her and that's just sad. And what's saddest is the people repeating and reposting it (YOU) probably don't even examine the impulse. Oh, and it's not "the world" asking for proof. Only a slim minority of hate-filled conspiracy theorist tinfoil hat wearing alt-right a-holes. Bizarre, pathetic, disgraceful.

No need to respond to me...ignoring you...wait for!
And you just created a whole new post about it - w... (show quote)

Trout is expressing an opinion. She is entitled to do so. Your comment shows that as soon as you disagree with an opinion you call the person who expressed it a racist. That does not make sense. It only shows that it is you that is the racist. Now, blather on more and more since your delicate feelings were offended by her post. I'm surprised you just didn't find a "safe space". LOL
Mar 21, 2019 22:54:47   #
Colleges are making a lot of money, much of it from taxpayers. They might adhere to our constitution if money is at stake. Our government has the right to protect our free speech and this is a good start.
Mar 21, 2019 13:34:27   #
Adorable baby
Mar 21, 2019 12:15:20   #
Subjecting children to those scary looking readers is child abuse and should not be allowed.
Mar 21, 2019 00:45:10   #
The cardigan is gorgeous. Your friend will love it.
Mar 21, 2019 00:36:52   #
patty marie wrote:
Fran the Fan swears by Fixodent.

Birds of a feather.....
Mar 21, 2019 00:16:03   #
craftygal58 wrote:

How do we know for sure that the people in the district (in New York City) that voted for her were legal citizens. A small percentage of those registered voted in that election. She could very well be right and illegal aliens are her constituents.
Mar 21, 2019 00:04:13   #
knittingthyme wrote:
Joel wrote the article and I shared it!

Offend you much? Hit a nerve?

Since your party created the KKK you need to be schooled!

They still love the KKK. Didn't one just win an election as a governor?
Mar 20, 2019 23:56:31   #
knittingthyme wrote:
More about realy: According to our records, the word "realy" may be misspelled.

Now we know that pornobrat wears dentures. Nice to learn new things. LOL
Mar 20, 2019 23:37:17   #
crochetknit Deb wrote:
Thank you. It's been with
me since 1972. Also a
humming sound in my right ear.
A hearing aid only magnifies the

It is a shame about the sound. Must be hard to live with. I can understand why you do not wish to use a hearing aid.
Mar 20, 2019 20:41:27   #
CorvallisKnitter wrote:
Still haven't a clue. Perhaps you should be so brave as to actually say what you mean?

Sorry, my dear, you do not make sense.
Mar 20, 2019 19:59:19   #
CorvallisKnitter wrote:
No, apparently I don't know what you meant. I answered truthfully and honestly. If you want the lease biased news, go to the least biased sources.

If you have an axe to grind or an agenda, please let me know what it is so I can respond to what you meant..

No axe to grind. Just took you at your word.
Mar 20, 2019 19:53:12   #
Adorable cardigan.
Mar 20, 2019 19:43:47   #
lizcrafts wrote:
You are saying here that your opinion doesn't matter!!!! - How very true!!

You know exactly what I meant & chose not to admit it. LOL, LOL
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