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Mar 17, 2019 12:39:22   #
He has actually said 'I love debt'.
Mar 17, 2019 12:38:05   #
Not particularly impressed by Beto. The fund raising he managed was probably largely due to the fact that so many people wanted to get rid of Ted Cruz.
Mar 17, 2019 12:31:42   #
Susan from NJ wrote:
Not really sure where to post this so I'll try here. If I'm wrong...please let it go...I mean no harm.

I was watching the Senate vote on approving/disapproving over riding President Trump's declaration of a National Emergency. It suddenly struck me that no matter which side of the aisle you stand on, it has to be apparent that at the very least, the Republicans where thoughtful in their voting. Right or wrong, ten (?) Senators took their stands against President Trump's position. I would have felt better about the House vote had a handful of Democrats voted their beliefs rather than the party line.

It appears that the Democratic party is anti President Trump no matter what the issue and this seems to be the proof of that statement. It is almost mathematically impossible for 235 voices to sound as one on any issue...ever. It makes me sad to think that intelligent people elected to govern us can be so inflexible bringing our country to a virtual standstill. Two plus years into this current cycle and nothing is getting done.

Can there be any other conclusion drawn from this vote alone that the Democratic party does not seem to be voting as individuals.

I'd like to hear what others think on this...

PS: no yelling please :}
Not really sure where to post this so I'll try her... (show quote)

The Constitution gives Congress the power of the purse. It is unconstitutional for a president to declare a national emergency in order appropriate funds which Congress refuses to give him.

This is nothing less than a total disregard for the separation of powers. Trump is not a king. There are two other equal branches of government.
Mar 15, 2019 12:58:35   #
I wish she wouldn't let him do that. I believe it's his way of expressing dominance.
Mar 15, 2019 12:08:13   #
cathyscard wrote:
Thank you for the great advice. I’ll look around for something else to use instead.

How do you think it will be for my afghan?

I used it once for a baby blanket. Looked great when finished, but CSS !does not wear well!. I was so embarrassed at how it looked after a couple of washings. Never again.
Mar 14, 2019 11:23:45   #
"Newbies...don’t beat yourself up as a newbie because even experience doesn’t keep you out of the frog pond!"

Absolutely true!
Mar 4, 2019 13:45:33   #
cbjllinda wrote:
oh don't get discouraged too quickly you never know what these guys have been through . if they are in good condition chances are they got lost somehow from their owners. if they look like they haven't eaten or been taken care of in awhile then chances are someone has dumped them. we wound up with two loved pets that way. one was through an adoption and only had three legs because the owners had dumped him along side of the road and he had gotten hit by a truck and was found along side of the road. the other one I saw on my way to work. he was a good size dog and was standing next to his little friend who was dead along side of the road. evidently someone had run over the little guy. I tried to call him to come to my car but he was too afraid so I called my hubby as I was going to be late and told him to go see if he could talk him into his truck and bring him home until we could call someone to pick him up. well after several exscuses about why this home and that home would not work out for him we wound up with him. both dogs have given us so much love and the first one died just last week after thirteen years. the one was very scared when we got him I think he had been abused but now he is the sweetest happiest thing you ever saw. good luck! he is a cutie.
oh don't get discouraged too quickly you never kno... (show quote)

My daughter adopted a dog who had been badly abused and abandoned. I was kind of surprised that after all that abuse the dog displayed no aggressive behavior, only fear. The dog is finally completely recovered, and the bond between them is amazing.
Mar 3, 2019 13:49:49   #
That looks some kind of yummy.

Thank you for posting that. : )
Mar 3, 2019 13:37:52   #
yooperdooper wrote:
TY, that's a great video.

I grew up in upper Michigan. Another yooper.

I still miss the Riverside pizzeria and pasties. Can't get them here.
Mar 2, 2019 13:13:58   #
I recently knit sweaters for 3 of my grandchildren. After sewing in the first sleeve I could see that it did not look good at all and I would have to take the seam out. So I found this video - - and lo and behold it turned out so much better. Now only 5 more to go
Mar 1, 2019 12:41:09   #
North Korea wasn't going to denuclearize - I believe they were only going to get rid of one of the sites. It was a terrible 'deal'. We are lucky he didn't jump on it just to say he accomplished something. I think we dodged a bullet there.

It was a mistake to jump into this and publicize the meeting so much without having lower level policy negotiations take place beforehand. His 'great negotiator' hubris has left him looking - not so good.
Mar 1, 2019 12:31:37   #
That first one is - wow! I did not know that.

Rod Rosenstein really knew what he was doing with the Mueller appointment.
Mar 1, 2019 11:30:04   #
Who needs foreign policy advice when they've 'got the best words'?

The incompetence is not only frightening, it constitutes a national emergency of its own.

There are no words for how dire this situation is.
Feb 27, 2019 09:38:05   #
charbaby wrote:
Who needs organized crime when we have government backed tacit corporate theft from the Federal & State purses? It's like when the mob was skimming profits from the casinos in Vegas. Criminal; or it should be.

The biggest corporations are robbing this country blind through the tax code. Frankly, I have no patience for criticism regarding raising the minimum wage. Lets address the biggest problem we have with regard to the economy. From :

These U.S. Companies Made Billions in Profits – And Received a Federal Tax Refund!

By David Zeiler, Associate Editor, Money Morning • @DavidGZeiler • September 2, 2011

If you weren't already irritated by the exorbitant paychecks U.S. CEOs routinely pull down, or the fact that U.S. corporations aren't bearing their share of the tax burden, wait until you get a load of this fun fact when those two issues are combined: Despite earning billions in profits, no less than 25 major U.S. firms paid less in federal income taxes last year than they paid their CEO.

And get this – most of those companies actually received tax refunds!

What makes this revelation particularly painful is that so many U.S. companies are minimizing their tax payouts just as this country more than ever needs to boost its revenue, nearly 97% of which comes from taxes of all types. It needs the revenue because of spiraling deficits, and a debt burden so large that it contributed to the United States losing its pristine AAA credit rating for the first time in more than 50 years.

Here's what's really galling: So many U.S. firms are paying so little in taxes because they're taking advantage of a perfectly legal loophole in American tax law. According to that law, a U.S. -domiciled company doesn't have to pay any taxes on money it earns overseas until that money is repatriated back to this country. So U.S. firms leave their foreign earnings overseas, and report huge bottom-line profits as a result.

Even as you read this, U.S. companies have more than $1.2 trillion worth of untaxed profits stashed in overseas accounts.

Many of these firms are household names, including Verizon Communications Inc. (NYSE: VZ), The Bank of New York Mellon Corp. (NYSE: BK), International Paper Co. (NYSE: IP), Prudential Financial (NYSE: PRU), eBay Inc. (Nasdaq: EBAY), and General Electric Co. (NYSE: GE).

GE may be the most egregious example of the situation we're describing. CEO Jeffrey Immelt made $15.2 million in 2010, when GE's profit was $75.49 billion.

And GE received a $3.3 billion tax refund.

Now a report by the Institute for Policy Studies (IPS) has revealed that GE was not alone.

If you're interested in the lowdown on some of these low-down offenders, take a look at some of the examples contained in the IPS report:

Verizon made a total profit of $62.42 billion in 2010, and received a tax refund of $705 million. CEO Ivan Seidenberg earned $18.1 million.
Prudential Financial brought in a total of $18.69 billion in profit in 2010. It got a $722 million tax refund from the federal government, while paying CEO John Strangfeld $16.2 million.
eBay made a $6.59 billion profit last year, and got a $131 million tax refund. CEO John Donahoe received $12.4 million.
Bank of New York Mellon made a profit of $9.42 billion in 2010, and received a $670 million tax refund. CEO Robert Kelly made $19.4 million.
International Paper Co. had a profit of $6.70 billion last year, and got a $249 million tax refund. CEO John Faraci received $12.3 million.
Feb 27, 2019 09:08:58   #
charbaby wrote:
I just think everyone, with darned few exceptions, needs to pay their fair share. A flat rate without complicated deductions would suffice. 10% or maybe 15%. I'm not an economist but it seems that the funds necessary to operate the government, military, other departments, take care of infrastructure, improve our power grids, etc would be more easily accomplished with a reliable source of funds. The recent tax cuts for the top earners put us in the biggest deficit we've had for awhile. It is the same as if I got two or three more credit cards with high maximums & cut back to working only 50% of my previous hours while using those cards to the max. It cannot be sustained & no responsible adult would run their finances that way. But government does. It's nuts. And we taxpayers are the credit card. Ms. Trump is correct that people want to work. But they need to be paid a living wage. A woman I know had a good job in a local factory making parts for the auto industry. She had a home with a mortgage, fed & clothed her children, had reasonably good health insurance with a manageable deductible. A good life. The plant closed & went to Mexico for cheap labor. She had worked there 15 years & was making about $17/hr. No tax incentive for the American corporation to remain in the U.S. Now this woman works 3 jobs, mostly cashier at a gas station & a small grocery & also cleans offices at night, to keep her home & feed her family. It includes her elderly mother & a special needs child. No healthcare. She's willing to work, hard. But now cannot enjoy her family or a day off. And all 3 of her jobs were in the count as jobs created by this administration. Statistics. Looks good on paper. Try living those great job numbers in every day life.
I just think everyone, with darned few exceptions,... (show quote)

There are a lot of highly profitable corporations that pay NO taxes - some take refunds after paying no taxes.

"Amazon will not pay federal income tax for the second year in a row, according to the Institute on Taxation and Economic Policy, despite being worth $793 billion."

The absolute biggest welfare problem we have in this country is corporate welfare! They have no shame, but will try to shame working people for just asking to be paid a living wage.
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