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Aug 19, 2019 08:59:40   #
My significant other bought me an ebike for christmas. I have put over 280 miles on the thing and ride it most days. My ebike is a cargo bike so it goes to the store with me all the time. I can even carry heavy bags of pet food on it.
Jul 27, 2019 11:38:29   #
It means nothing, and everything depending how and who is looking at it. I am American, my mother was born in Britain thus is English, her little sister has lived all her adult life in south Africa. If she moved in with me she would be an African American, literally. Oh and her maiden name is Bacon... can't get much more British than that. That and as a south African she spent quite a lot of her life were there was a literal white privilege, it was called apartide if I recall right. But I would know nothing of that. I was a military brat, meaning I was raised in a mixed race community, and didn't know there was any other way of life until I was old enough for the tv to make a lasting impression. I will say that it was an eye opener when I realized that civilian blacks and military blacks have different ideas of racism.
Jul 27, 2019 10:39:47   # This is a specifically male set but I think it is in fingerling weight wool.
Jul 1, 2019 09:18:23   #
Myself, If I desired a thinner sock would go for the lace weight yarn and a smaller needle. Or I would search sock yarns for the thinnest version avaliable. Because not all sock yarn is equal.
Jun 14, 2019 14:07:07   #
I don't remember the exact price right off top of my head but the last trip to the thrift store was a large basket and seven balls of yarn for about 13 to 15 dollars. The balls of wool are all Caron Glencannon in teal blue... Caron usually makes good yarn and this is 20 % wool so I wanted to try it. and the basket! tres bien all seven balls of wool are still less than half the volume of the basket.
May 23, 2019 10:48:03   #
I have a book.. Knitting Brioche-stitch Socks 14 easy patterns for Tube Socks by Barbara Sander. I assume that an afterthought heel would be no real problem to add.

Feb 16, 2019 10:09:22   #
Hello, I am Janice. I Knit, card and spin (with a drop spindle only as yet). I have tried spinning my now spouse used to have a rabbit, wool, alpaca and cotton (as I can get that off the side of the road). I crochet since l was about 12...gave that up for knitting some time in my thirties. Was given a fleece for the leather. But whom ever butchered that sheep...butchered that hide. The only part salvageable was the wool. Still have most of that.
I live in Oklahoma where I raise dogs, cats, chickens and sometimes rabbits
Feb 13, 2019 13:07:38   #
I give them to the library for rainy days
Feb 9, 2019 09:33:16   #
Fun fun fun! One of the many things a new generation will mostly forget because it's not necessary at the moment.would like to have been taught that when I was a little kid.
Dec 31, 2018 14:24:29   #
Alpaca... but I didn't buy it as yarn, though I made it into yarn. Still need to decide what to make with it.
Dec 21, 2018 10:45:38   #
I remember it being on Ravelry.
Oct 18, 2018 07:26:13   #
Oh look the grill tongs have come out
Aug 18, 2018 12:12:53   #
Little pictures have big ears, knee high to a grasshopper, children should be seen and not heard, and you don't have to be crazy to be in my family but it helps. As well as a few already stated. Oh and lumpits,as in you will like it or lump it, i.e. you get what I have fixed, and keep your opinion of it to yourself.
Jul 14, 2018 09:00:04   #
Have always knitted bi-directional. Most patterns are easily reinterpreted especially if they are charted. Hope you have no problems with your patterns
Jun 16, 2018 10:23:04   #
Made most of them. except for pickles unless pickled eggs count, guacamole which I don't eat, never had an apple long enough to make sauce out of it, hummus again don't eat it, not sure on granola, never had whole milk to make butter out of, never tried bbq sauce and love my peanuts whole.
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