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Jan 21, 2019 22:27:36   #
LondonChris wrote:
Hi everyone, back again. I’m having trouble getting on KP, taking ages to find you! Not much going on around here. I have finally got started on my knitting again, I’m really pleased about that.
Not sure if I told you but I have been seeing a Phyciatrist, had a few appts last year, then another one in the summer with a great lady who is wonderful. She says I have had a breakdown. I have realised that I have missed out on last year. So much pain & sadness, it was a rotten year. But I am getting so much better, now trying to get going again. I haven’t seen any of my old friends & I must make a few calls. I have also been going to a group meeting once a week, it’s with a group of older people, looking at them I doing great! Enough of me, but I thought I would explain a little of what’s been going on. I’ll try to get on more regularly, I’ve missed you all. Xxxxx
Hi everyone, back again. I’m having trouble getti... (show quote)

We've missed you a lot too Chris. xoxo
Jan 21, 2019 22:23:22   #
Miss Pam wrote:
We have news! We made an offer (and it was accepted) last night on a house about 60 miles west of Phoenix, Arizona. It's in an airpark which Mr. Ric was hoping for so we can have our plane at home. It was one we looked at while we were down there last month. Phew! That's a relief to have that settled! We will be closing on it on February 26th and will have to be moved out of here by March 4th. Lots and lots to do to be ready to do that. I'm excited and nervous all at once and my mind is a whirl with all that needs to be done. Deep breathing and will try to take things one thing at a time. Just wanted to share this with all of you! xxxooo
We have news! We made an offer (and it was accept... (show quote)

A new adventure.. wishing you a happy move! xoxo
Jan 21, 2019 22:04:23   #
Boopers22 wrote:
Absolutely gorgeous! And, you keep it so magnificently clean! I'd love to have an aquarium, but I have a cat and really no room for the type or size that I'd like. But I enjoyed looking at yours. Thank you for sharing.

Boopers22 the Cory Cats and Oto's are what keep everything clean, and a few Nerite snails. Speaking of cats... this one prefer's Fish tv!

Jan 21, 2019 21:54:33   #
ADW55 wrote:
Beautiful, I love it.

Thank you ADW55

All small fish need a place to hide Mary, I don't know about pond goldfish though?

Much appreciation Berigora.

Nanamel 14, they give me great pleasure.

Jemadu, thank you.

Marge in MI, glad you enjoyed

Cute names Rujam

Knitbreak, Thank you!

Shoppingwithsunshine the Neons are brilliant blue and red. Fish and Chips

Hello Feigy, thank for having a peek.

Hi Laurelarts, I've had Betta's in the past, there are some beautiful one now and they have great personalities!

Knityknot glad you get to enjoy the carp and koi.

Ellebelle, I generally keep them in schools of 4 or more of each type of fish.

Liz Morris I like fish in the frying pan too.

Have to watch those Pleco's Berigora... they get BIG. The mini's are beautiful too.

Hi Mary Thanks for dropping in!

Hello JanetLee

NRoberts... thank you, chasing fast fish isn't easy

Kadoonya, sounds like fish is a family affair for you, that's wonderful that your Dad passed it down.


It's nice to be missed Carolyn, thank you for thinking of me.


Bettyirene.. that made me laugh..

Thank you Jean, they are a lot of work, but yes relaxing!

Morgan Girl, the first fish is a Leopard Danio female. I haven't any Rasbora's... yet!
Jan 21, 2019 15:40:36   #
Going to throw a stew and dumplings on, that should be enough for today. Angela happy that you found a nest for DD's family, well done! Have a good Monday all. xxx
Jan 21, 2019 15:38:05   #
Barn-dweller wrote:
Can't you trade it for a generator? xx

I'm not a swap type person, and who ever takes the blower would have the same problem as I unless it's someone from the next province or Mav!
Jan 21, 2019 15:36:40   #
Barn-dweller wrote:
Think it's going to end with an op but as long as they can sort it that's OK. xx

Amazing what they can do for eyes now. I'm not getting any satisfaction with the opaque "floater" that's still large and in the way most times. Getting that I have to take my glasses off to see the computer clear so might have to break down and get a special prescription pair for just that. They are quite expensive as well.
Jan 21, 2019 15:33:55   #
London Girl wrote:
I'm guessing it's still a novelty for the snow-blower guy, he's enjoying playing with his new toy! Hope he continues to make himself useful!! Hope the journey to work is not too stressful and you started your car ok. At least you dodged it for a few days last week!!! xxxx

Have a near new John Deere snowblower downstairs, has been used once. We haven't seen enough snow to make it worthwhile in the last few years, a generator would have been a better buy.
Jan 21, 2019 15:27:58   #
Barn-dweller wrote:
Safely home from our trip to Hereford, had photos of the inside of my eye taken but didn't need a dye injection to trace the blood flow so was out in an hour, now have to wait for the consultant to see them and decide what he wants to do next. xx

Hope it goes well and they can keep it at bay. xoxo
Jan 21, 2019 15:26:03   #
grandma susan wrote:
Sorry bout your coughing jinx, but I've never heard of putting Vicks on your feet. Are you serious?😵

She's serious!
Jan 21, 2019 15:25:04   #
Barn-dweller wrote:
Oh that sounds interesting. Funny you should mention soup I fancied soup when we came back from the hospital today. Dug out some home-made watercress soup, hot and peppery, just what we needed. xx

That sounds really good! I like watercress tea sandwiches with mayo. I would grow the sprouts for pepper cress. There's watercress growing in all the ditches around here, tempting but no doubt contaminated by logging truck and road residues. When the frogs disappear you know somethings wrong. xxx
Jan 21, 2019 15:21:20   #
jinx wrote:
We just had a lovely lunch. I tried something new and enjoyed them. I made sweet potato fries in the air fryer. Surprised how flavorful they were. Tasted more like acorn squash than sweet potatoes but that is okay with me. I made Mr. Wonderful eat a few, he said they were okay. I sautes pork chops in the instant pot. Very tasty with very little clean up. Now it must be time for a nap.

I might try some sweet potatoe wedges in the oven... just have to figure out what to have with them.
Jan 21, 2019 15:09:43   #
jinx wrote:
Morning from my sunshiny little corner of the world. What a beautiful picture I have outside my window. I had the worse nights sleep ever. The new med that was making me feel so much better and helping me get decent sleep appears to be causing side effects. Very irritated about that. Will work with doctor to see if decreasing dose or even taking something to control side effects is a doable solution. Sounds crazy to take a med to counteract the med one is taking.

You just can't win sometimes can you? xxx
Jan 21, 2019 14:25:12   #
jinx wrote:
Glad you appear to be unharmed in the fall. Good for you to realize you need to change things to stay safe. I find it hard not to climb ladders or do things that I think I can do. I so want to pull the refrigerator, stove, and washer and dryer out to clean behind them. Intellectually I know I shouldn't, but......

I'm glad you are ok too.
Jan 21, 2019 14:24:16   #
jinx wrote:
We are lucky our family helps us out when they can. Luckily this snow was on the weekend when my son was off work. His sons often helped out but now one is deployed and the other is stationed away from us. Often we depend on our greatgrands father to help us out.
The soup was good, not great. When I first got the instant pot I followed recipes. Yesterday I did my own thing.

Mr. J is off of soup, on the other hand I could eat it all day long. Been craving Thai Chicken soup. xxx
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