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May 3, 2019 14:02:24   #
my suggestion, as I just finished 4 baby sweaters in a row--knitting the 5th one for a June baby girl. My suggestion, is to put the projects in the order of their need--I may have two WIPS going--but, finish one before I tackle the next one. Good luck--and I have put a "stop" on buy more yarn until the two large plastic containers are empty. Charity knitting is helping a great deal! Not easy to resist--but HAVE to!
May 3, 2019 13:58:34   #
Beautiful--look like a gorgeous Butterly. awesome work!
May 3, 2019 13:57:52   #
Please give them time to "meet" one another--patience is the key word. Please, please, adopt the kitten--fill that empty space in her heart. And, in time, I believe they will become best friends. It's all so new to the kitten! We just adopted a "stray kitten, Shadow is now about 5 months old. She joined our family, including, Sammy, almost 11 and Suzy-Q, 10 this month. Some small situations--but, she is ours--and all 3 have some learning to do!
May 3, 2019 13:53:09   #
oh, so cute.....and she is saying, "me? Im innocent--I wouldn't do that"! And how could one become angry with such a precious face!!
May 3, 2019 13:50:55   #
such an awesome project--the recipients will be SO happy. They are CUTE!
May 3, 2019 13:46:02   #
Not silly at all--actually very uplifting--know that the blanket "appeared" for a very good reason. A wondefrul, wonderful story--with a happy ending!
May 3, 2019 13:42:30   #
Is here a teddy bear to enjoy this "Teddy Bears" picnic!
May 3, 2019 13:41:17   #
I worry that perhaps these DNA tests may not be true--is there a way we would know if they are or not? Also, I guess I'm very happy in my own mind--and don't really have an interest. There is a story that my grandmother may not be my grandmother--inasmuch, as when my mom was born in 1912--my "aunt" may have had her out of wedlock (oh, such a sin at that time!!) and that my "grandmother" took her as her own. A cousin said that my mom did not know this until my "grandmother" was on her deathbed. I often wondered why I did not like her (and visa versa), and the puzzling part is that my mom actually resembled my "aunt" more!

But, whether or not this is true-my grandmother (as much as I din't like her for many reasons)--she would still be my grandmother. Can't change the past. It's a mystery that doesn't matter.
May 2, 2019 16:25:44   #
my dear friend, who I lost in 2014, always made the small rum cakes for Christmas gifts. I don't drink.....but, the rum cakes were good.
May 2, 2019 16:22:47   #
I think she is adorable--almost looks like a ballerina tutu! Shall we dance.......
May 2, 2019 16:21:51   #
just so sweet--he will have this puppy for a long, long time. Great job--looks as if he is jut going to "bark" any moment. Love him!
May 2, 2019 16:19:30   #
I know, I know--and I am SO happy! Here, Sunday is on at 9 p.m. and Monday at 8 p.m. I just wish jack hadn't "left"!! Eager to see how they continue this show--just glad that Lori got kicked off. She HAD to know she was in the wrong--and, now, she has lost my respect.
May 2, 2019 16:16:25   #
and she is SO adorable--happy #2 birthday--and wishing you many, many more!
May 2, 2019 16:15:01   #
Love our purr-rect pet theme. And the brief messages says it all--so wonderful for anyone receives one! Great job! Doggone super!
May 2, 2019 09:32:52   #
CONGRATULATIONS--AND WISHING YOU MANY MORE!! You guys were handsome and beautiful then--and still are. By the way....what are you knitting in the picture?? Have a beautiful and memorable day!
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