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Aug 17, 2015 01:43:25   #
Welcome to the US! I love near San Francisco and just want to warn you it's been pretty warm her too! Although it could cool down overnight also.

Enjoy "The City!"
Aug 17, 2015 01:35:06   #
Cute! And so creative!
Aug 15, 2015 02:00:31   #
Yes, welcome back! I just joined in December and have m had a lot of fun here.
Aug 15, 2015 01:57:30   #
That's what I've spent the last 2 weekends doing; I've got to be a little more productive this weekend :-)
Aug 9, 2015 03:02:13   #
Congrats! If you have as much fun being a great grandparent as my parents do, you will be a very happy person!
Aug 9, 2015 02:56:44   #
Welcome from California!
Aug 8, 2015 21:02:35   #
The chalking is nice. Subtle, and really adds to the card.
Aug 8, 2015 20:59:53   #
Grandma G. wrote:
Lovely photos. The ears remind me of Yoda [?] in Star Wars.

That's what I was going to say... Looks part Yoda to me. Lol.

Cute dog, and great that she took to the water so well!
Aug 8, 2015 20:54:57   #
Sue, all of your cards are beautiful! These included!
Aug 8, 2015 20:50:49   #
Good one!
Aug 8, 2015 20:49:13   #
Nice work!
Aug 8, 2015 20:44:37   #
Welcome from California!
Aug 8, 2015 20:42:46   #
litprincesstwo wrote:
I'd hestiate to call it a "dime store", but we did have quite a bit of fun looking at yarn and patterns. Plus the service was great! Two (count them 2) associates couldn't do enough to help us pick out yarn and patterns. I think they were having as much fun as we were!

I think both will somehow end up in Gypsycream patterns as that's what I'm hooked on at this time.

The Festival mix fiber was a $1 each! Only wish there had been more of it. I do have something in my stash that will play well with it. Love Addi turbo needles! My thumbs don't but hey they can get over it! Think the Snowflake would make a sweet bear.
I'd hestiate to call it a "dime store", ... (show quote)

Was it the one in the Grass Valley/Nevada City area? I've been there. I'd say it's a craft store, like Micheal's, but with a better yarn selection.
Aug 6, 2015 02:24:46   #
Starhawk29 wrote:
I was reading posts and had tons to add, but when I get a white mind just freezes. :( I use a ceramic owl lantern from Hobby Lobby as a "yarn bowl" to hold any skein while I work. I put the yarn end through one of the holes in the feathers. Then, later, I can always replace the metal holder and use it as a lantern, if I really get the urge. It will work regular size skeins.

I sometimes have the same problem :-)

Welcome from California
Aug 4, 2015 01:08:20   #
Count me among the ones who used to x-stitch a lot but have gotten away from it. Someone just gave me kit that looks like it might be quick, so I may use it as a way to transition back into more x-stitch.
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