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Sep 17, 2019 10:31:01   #
We are all different, but I really enjoy "getting rid" of the things I make. I like to get them out of my sight (and house). It makes me feel as if I did something good and hope that someone is really enjoying them.

Orillialovesto knit wrote:
I hope I am not alone in this. I took some of the knitted toys to Knitting Club on Friday. It was so hard to put them in the bag and send them off. I took a picture of the ones I bagged up and I will likely knit them again. That's pretty goofy, right? They are knitted items afterall. If I am the only one, don't laugh too uproariously okay?!!
Sep 16, 2019 08:46:35   #
Love it!!

Mary Cardiff wrote:
It just like a yard whenI was growing up,Got a finger caught once in the mangle,Dolly tub and dolly,water you then be used to shrub the yard floor,
Sep 16, 2019 08:43:18   #
Oh, geesh - this isn't new, my mother never drove a car, so she HAD to make a plan since Dad only drove her the seven miles to town once a week for groceries! But thanks for the reminder for people who don't think ahead. :)

BrattyPatty wrote:
I was reading an article about a woman who makes a menu for the week and shops accordingly. She said there is less waste and worrying about what to make for dinner after work. She also said she saves money that way too.
Sep 12, 2019 10:52:19   #
YIKES! I fell in love with the 1st bag and just looked up the cost of the Cannes bag set is $98 for ONE! Gosh, too rich for my blood - especially since I wanted to make 6 of them as gifts for family members.

Sep 12, 2019 08:31:45   #
I would stay away from any fabric softeners. Personally, I don't think they are good for us to breath in. If you're looking for a pleasant scent, I would try putting a bowl of cinnamon scented pine cones on your table or bars of gently scented bars of soaps. Nothing too overpowering.

clarkfield wrote:
I am knitting wash cloths for a church bazaar. I would like a pretty presentation of items, so, should I wash cloths perhaps in a lightly scented fabric softener in rinse. I would so appreciate any ideas members have in a finished product that is appealing to buyers. Thankyou in advance.
Sep 12, 2019 08:27:03   #
Once I found out about the mattress stitch, it is my go to.

Di2design wrote:
Hi i am not sure what the perfect method of joining knitted or crochet pieces together is, most knitting or crochet patterns do not really explain at all how to achieve a neat join. I am interested to hear how all you lovely knitters and crocheters approach this aspect, i have heard of a linker but if you do not own one of these and are sewing by hand it is not always clear enough how and when you have spent a lot of time and love making a garment by hand you do not want to spoil it in the way that you finish your work. i am interested to find out if there is a neat way of knitting your pieces together and hope someone can help me with this or is it much better to knit or crochet your garment in one piece if possible ?
Thank you all and kind regards
Hi i am not sure what the perfect method of joinin... (show quote)
Sep 12, 2019 08:26:08   #
So that's the reason!! :)
Sep 11, 2019 13:26:58   #
They're pretty alright!!!

Sep 10, 2019 08:33:25   #
Someone on KP recommended Robyn Carr's The View from Alameda Island, but someone had it out of my local library. I decided to read another of Robyn Carr's books - Any Day Now. The main reason I didn't care for it was that it was written in "today's world". What I mean by that is cell phones and FaceBook were referenced, so the reader was reminded what time period the story is set in. Also, it touched on alcoholism and other dependencies. Just not my "cup of tea". I like to read books where you can't tell what era it is set in. I do have The View from Alameda Island now and only just finished Chapter 1. Not sure I'm going to like this one either since it has to do with infidelities in marriages. Maybe some people like reading about that stuff, but not me. My all time favorite book is The Pillars of the Earth by Ken Follett.

fisherwoman wrote:
I recently completed 6 of Pam Jenoff's Books, the last one being The Kommandant's Girl and am on to #7. I especially love her books because of the historical background.

I am curious to know what people are reading - (All Over the World), as I am always looking for my next 'good read', in between knitting.

Sep 9, 2019 14:20:00   #
He looks like a real sweetheart!

Augustgran wrote:
His name is Dyson (because he hoovers everything).
His other family could care for him anymore so we adopted him.
He already is good for me, having him around I have to take him out and play with him a LOT.
I feel so happy inside with him around.
He is an 8 lb 2 year old mini pin
Sep 9, 2019 13:26:07   #
Sweet in so many ways!!

bevvyreay wrote:
I’ve had a lovely day today, a very enjoyable morning baking and then a lovely family get together to celebrate my grandson’s 7th birthday and eat the fruits of my labour 😁
What better combination than family and cake
Sep 9, 2019 13:21:39   #
Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Yours is much different, but not any less beautiful.

colleenmay wrote:
So last spring I went to the Minnesota Knitters Guild convention called Yarnover. I saw this beautiful shawl knit up in these scruptious gold colors and knew I had to make it up for myself. I asked the vendor in the booth for the yarn used in the shawl. It came as a two-skein bundle called Halo. One is 100% superwash merino slim by Fleece Artist and the other is 70% kid mohair 30% nylon Angel Hair by Hand Maiden. As she handed me the yarn I questioned the color as it looked alot darker in my hand. She assured me it was the exact yarn used in the sample hanging in front of me. I was very skeptical as it just did not look right. But I really wanted that gorgeous gold yarn so I bought the bundle and it was not cheap, let me tell you!! So I finally got around to knitting it up, and I am so so disappointed. It is so dark compared to the sample I saw hanging at the convention. I actually took a picture at the convention and that is the first picture I have posted here. The following pictures are how the yarn I purchased knit up. Doesn't it look alot darker to you? It is supposed to be gold with streaks of turquoise and wine, but the wine and brown seem to overpower the gold in my estimation. ANyway, I am so disappointed. I blocked it and took pictures to post them. The last picture is out on my deck hoping the bright sunshine would lighten it up, but I still am not happy with it. I don't think I would ever wear it. Anyway, while I was taking pictures, my cousin stopped by. She saw it and gushed over how beautiful she thought it was. Voila!! One Christmas present taken care of. Silver lining after all!!!
So here are the pictures: First one - how it is supposed to look. All the others - How MINE looks.
So last spring I went to the Minnesota Knitters Gu... (show quote)
Sep 5, 2019 13:43:17   #
Beautiful children, beautiful knitting! Now I just need to find that gorgeous girl's top in a free pattern!
Sep 4, 2019 12:17:07   #

knit4ES wrote:
`checkerboard` .... is that the same as basketweave, similar to this?
Sep 4, 2019 11:21:36   #
Oh gosh - so I'm still doing it wrong then? I've been tugging on the first purl stitch after the knit stitches.

JennyG12 wrote:
Yes, you would tug slightly to tighten the last knit stitch. But do not do it when you return to the knit section from the purl sts. That will 'hide' (indent rather than a smooth transition) that last purl stitch if you do.
A lovely pattern to work. :)
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