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Oct 20, 2019 07:49:33   #
KathrynDay wrote:
As much as I'd love the convenience of coffee pods, I just can't bring myself to use that much plastic. Even 2 a day would add up!

There's a rumor that a company has invented a biodegradable pod, but it's not common knowledge yet.

Biodegradable pods are available here in Australia and if you prefer Nespresso pods they accept the used ones back for recycling.
Oct 20, 2019 07:23:56   #
Nespresso for styling but the Aldi machine makes great coffee and is way cheaper.
Oct 20, 2019 05:27:18   #
ckmc wrote:
Very clever and a good idea. But all those needles hanging like that would drive me crazy. I would be constantly trying to straighten them so they all hung equally. Lol I'm somewhat anal about things like that.

But I do think it's a clever idea.

Me too! Would drive me nuts.
It’s a great idea though
Oct 19, 2019 21:56:17   #
I would have loved this to wear in the sixties. It was such a fun, colourful era fashion wise
Oct 19, 2019 21:54:57   #
gozolady wrote:
Lol.... Clean up KP. Good idea... Lots of trash on here in the form of usa politics, Brexit, dirty jokes, religion, disgusting sounding menus, families dirty laundry...and lingerie...
What's left?

I am not a prude but I find the thought of all these old ladies( their own admission) going without underwear is frankly disgusting!
Oct 19, 2019 06:51:06   #
Byrney wrote:
I tend to weigh everything for cakes/pastry etc. With the scales I have you can sit your mixing bowl on top and zero it. You can then add the right amount of flour, then zero again, add fat, zero again, add sugar, zero again etc, so there's hardly anything to wash. It's all in the one mixing bowl. I also know how much a liquid fl oz or ml weighs so that can go straight in as well. It's all very lazy but works well. I do however, have a unique measurement for adding things like sultanas to scones. It's called a "handful" and is just as many as I can hold in my hand without dropping any.
I tend to weigh everything for cakes/pastry etc. W... (show quote)

You must have been typing this at the same time as me!!
I agree. It’s so easy with these scales isn’t it?
Oct 19, 2019 06:48:29   #
dornefeb wrote:
I want to try and do some cake recipes the American way with cups, it seems a lot easier than weighing them, at school we were told baking was a science and couldn't be done any other way, my mother used to just tip things into a bowl and know how much but I can't, I now know how much is a stick of butter is so I'm half way there lol. There are loads of great recipes but some are the cup version, I was wondering if you have any tips, I was going to start with some butterfly cakes, just a simple Victoria sandwich recipe, thank you
I want to try and do some cake recipes the America... (show quote)

I would stick with weighing your ingredients as it’s more accurate. I have a scale that I can put a bowl on, zero the scale, add butter, zero the scale, add sugar and so on. Using American recipes you’ll need new liquid and dry cups, spoons etc. I find their recipes too sweet for my taste too.
Oct 18, 2019 07:18:37   #
KnitterNatalie wrote:
That might drive me crazy, but then again for some of the stitches, it might be just the ticket!! I really don't care what type of yarn or color of nail polish she is wearing...I just want the stitch! Happy knitting!

I get your point but some of the knitters have disgusting nails that distract me from the lesson!
Oct 17, 2019 20:24:38   #
Would be great for a 60's party.
Oct 17, 2019 19:10:01   #
Wondering what to do with your crocheted squares?
HOw about this? A nice profit for your hard work!

Oct 17, 2019 07:18:05   #
Low carb bread with Promite and smashed avocado, a few pecans and an apple.
Oct 16, 2019 06:23:02   #
TMI That’s too much information!
Oct 15, 2019 06:07:23   #
That’s the reason I won’t buy those beautiful multicoloured wood interchangeable needles.
They would make multi coloured yarn very difficult to work with.
Oct 13, 2019 00:12:28   #
trout23 wrote:
I feel sorry for this child with asperger's syndrome who is being used by the political left global warming alarmists and her parents. It is child abuse. Child protective services need to step in.

This Greta Thunberg thing is child abuse
by Tiana Lowe
August 29, 2019 04:48 PM

Adolescent climate change protester Greta Thunberg has stage parents, literally. Her mother sang opera internationally until the teenager convinced her to quit due to greenhouse gas emissions from flying, and her father and grandfather both gained fame through acting and directing.

Now, they've pivoted into the parental act of every stage parent looking to secure the next generation of fame. Apparently, the Swedish version of a Teri Shields is pimping her kid out, not to Penthouse, but to the cause of climate apocalypse

For all that, conservatives have rightly griped at the performative pointlessness of Thunberg's schtick, and for all that, liberals have rightly griped that a waning but still significant segment of conservatives deny the reality of anthropogenic climate change; the biggest travesty lost in the hype about the Swedish activist who recently sailed to American shores is that her parents, the media, and the climate alarmist Left are basically engaging in child abuse.

Cases of kids entering public discourse out of sheer discourse, such as Parkland survivors Cameron Kasky and Kyle Kashuv, are sometimes inevitable and sometimes valuable. Some political causes require spokesmen with lived experiences. But even as we saw in the aftermath of Parkland, putting children in the public spotlight is more likely to backfire on them than not.

The case of Thunberg is even more egregious. She began suffering from depression as a child, by her own admission, in part because she learned about climate change at age 8. She was later diagnosed with autism and obsessive compulsive disorder and gradually became despondent as she obsessed over her fear of climate change. She developed mutism and an eating disorder so severe that she once went two months without food, and she stopped going to school. Her only sibling, a sister named Beata, also suffers from Asperger's and OCD, as well as ADHD.

Now tell me, does it seem healthy to place a child with this many mental illnesses under the spotlight of public scrutiny, with a sole focus on the very phenomenon and associated alarmism that triggered her in the first place?

If you're a fading opera starlet married into a family of fame, and your only two children are having exceptional trouble even attending school, then I suppose you can secure a bit more fame by milking your child's clinically diagnosed obsession. But given that Greta's mental struggles and triggers actually led her to the brink of death, the whole thing smacks of child abuse.

Conservatives shouldn't mock her. They should worry for her. Social media has made it too easy to prop up children as moral authorities — even children especially predisposed to crack under the pressure.
I feel sorry for this child with asperger's syndro... (show quote)

Thank you. That was most enlightening
Oct 12, 2019 19:18:45   #
You should send the turkey hat to the White Houe!
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