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May 7, 2019 20:25:38   #
Congratulations to you all on overcoming the challenges you faced.
Apr 29, 2019 07:46:07   #
Trump is an adulterer, too. To all 3 wives.
Mar 4, 2019 08:49:44   #
I’m working on this now. Admittedly, I’m not very far in, but it doesn’t seem all that difficult. The instructor for a clas I took said that this is a good pattern to practice continental knitting. She also said that it is really good for widely variegated yarns. So far, so good.
Feb 18, 2019 09:18:48   #
That’s great!
Feb 18, 2019 09:17:30   #
I had that surgery 6 years ago and I felt better post-op than I had inthe 6 months before surgery. During much convalescence I kitted a blanket, a sweater, and finished a project years in the making. Good lipuck with your recovery! The worst thing for me was having to sleep on my back and not the fetal position!
Feb 16, 2019 13:08:42   #
Feb 13, 2019 08:06:24   #
I am so sorry for your loss. I lost my younger sister in September. I feel your pain. I am trying to remember her as the vital person that she was, not the person she became during the progression of her illness.
My thoughts are with you in your heartbreak.
Jan 19, 2019 07:45:56   #
Trump PROMISED his supporters that Mexico would pay for the wall. As soon as the check clears, he can start construction. He is not the king, the emperor, or a dictator. It is not called negotiatingwhen you walk out a room after your offer is turned down. Let’s not forget that Trump said yes to a deal last year with more money for his wall. Until he said no. He said yes to a deal in November until Laura Ingraham and Rush Limbaugh started threatening him. Neither of whom were elected to ANYTHING. What they want should not be driving the negotiations. All they have to do is incite the base and drive up their ratings. They have NO responsibility for governing. And the majority of the country does not think a wall would be an effective deterrent. Studies show that most illegal immigrants overstay their visas and come into the country by plane, not the southern border.
Dec 16, 2018 10:18:25   #
Trump forgot to mention that the Mueller investigation has recouped 47 million. That’s a net gain of 22 million.
Dec 15, 2018 12:30:28   #
Oh so true.
Dec 6, 2018 08:48:03   #
The articles that I read said that TRUMP refused to shake hands wanyone except the Obamas.
Dec 2, 2018 09:01:32   #
I am currently making a roomy cardigan with cables with Rios. Great color saturation, easy to work with and not splitty. Few, if any knots. Iwould recommend it.
Nov 28, 2018 08:55:48   #
As opposed to the convicted criminals that Trump surrounded himself with during his campaign, I suppose.
Nov 25, 2018 09:45:25   #
None of them deployed troops to the border as a ploy to entitle the deplorables to vote in midterm elections for a fake invasion.
Nov 6, 2018 07:27:04   #
The way you rant against “Hollywood,” one would think that the current WH occupant has ked an exemplary life. As opposed to being unfaithful to three wives, a draft dodger, defaulting on creditors, multiple bankruptcies, and engaged in a shaky tax scam with his family to avoid paying income taxes. But, you know, let’s vote our values.
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